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Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

Madonna must be trying to control all of her emotions right now on this subject. Photographer Steven Klein, who’s worked with Madonna a lot in the past, is the director of Lady GaGa‘s new eight and a half minute video “Alejandro.”

Eyes closed, “Alejandro” certainly sounds just like a Madonna record, from top to bottom. Stephanie Germanotta‘s voice is processed just the way Madonna’s was during her the late 80s and early 90s, from “Express Yourself” and “Like a Prayer” through “Justify My Love.”

But open your eyes, and Lady GaGa and Klein are just regurgitating “Vogue” or “Justify My Love.” We’ve been here, he’s been here, only Ms. Germanotta hasn’t been here. The only thing completely different about her Madonna worship is that GaGa plays the piano herself. She may even be writing the songs.

Isn’t it funny that no one thought to totally rip off Madonna years ago? I guess one obstacle was the money needed to make such an enterprise successful. But Germanotta obviously has convinced her backers this is the moment for Madonna redux. It has to be embarrassing for Klein, who must know that he’s made either a Madonna rip off or a tribute. I guess it will depend on how he spins it to the Original GaGa.

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  1. Gaga is a total imitation of madonna in every way- she looks like her, acts like her , processes her music like her. How she convinced her label to back a fake is amazing to me. I bet she has studied every known photograph of Madge…unreal. What is the music industry coming to that artists can’t revolutionize the scene without drawing upon/imitating direct features and already created art from the Masters like madonna…. unreal the public is buying this shit. Where is the real artists and creativity and trend setters?

  2. well, anyone who read Andrew Morton’s NY Times Bestseller “Madonna’ some years back knows that Madonna, as a rocking intern at Max’s Kansas City, seemed to be inspired by Cherry Vanilla’s ‘Queen Of Sex” ground breaking stance in the 70s, and that Madonna’s “Sex” book of the 80s bears more than a passing resemblance to Cherry’s “Pop Tart” book of the 70s(black and white soft core photos, overtly sexual passages mixed in with the pics)…nothing new under the sun…

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