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Michael Jackson‘s ardent fans are in an uproar. They’ve put up an internet petition asking Thomas Mesereau, Jackson’s criminal attorney from 2005, to step in and help them.


The fans are speculating additionally that Jackson family leech, Brian Oxman, an attorney on probation who speaks 24/7 on the subject of Jackson, was the source for the release of private trust documents to a British tabloid last week.

Oxman is now reduced to giving interviews to obscure radio and TV  shows. On this link, you can hear him complaining about the lack of released documents in the Jackson case. The interview aired a day before the trust papers suspiciously appeared in the British press..   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7314075

The papers specified the trusts set up by Michael in 2002 along with his already published will. Each of his children are to receive $33 million apiece. Some of his nephews will get bequests as well. But by and large the revealed papers showed nothing new, just that Michael Jackson cut most of his family out of his estate.

Dates to remember: June 14th, Dr. Conrad Murray comes to court in Los Angeles. June 25th: the anniversary of Jackson’s death.

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  1. Get real, people. The trust documents are fake–ginned up by Oxman himself. I’ve seen many a true copy of court documents, and what was published by News of the World aren’t authentic. If they paid money to anyone for those fake documents, News of the World got ripped off. LOL! What a riot.

  2. @ Can Hamon

    For “mediocres”, yeah, this Trust looks grand. But read the fine print, it exposes executors. BRANCA WOULD CUT OFF HIS RIGHT ARM THAN TO RELEASE THIS! Branca didn’t wanna release AEG Contract to Katherine, do you think he would release something to expose himself, showing the world that he can compensate himnself ANY AMOUNT, ANY TIME, WITHOUT COURT APPROVAL? I DARE Oxman to claim he didn’t release the Trust doc so I may expose him! OXMAN SOLD THE TRUST DOC, PERIOD!

  3. I don’t get it.Why would Oxman let everybody know that MJ didn’t want his family to participate in his businesses? He’s defending Joseph’s interests and these documents are not favourable to him!!

  4. The Jackson Family Museum will be stocked with all the stuff the Jackson family stole from Michael’s house during the 2 days after his death. Legal note – those items belong to the estate, not to the Jacksons. The Performing Arts Center will be nothing more than a Branson movie theatre, the theatre Joe frequents in Vegas. The hotel will be nothing more than a replica of the Palms Hotel in Vegas – a place for all the drug pushers and prostitutes to sell their merchandise. They say it will generate jobs but, not for people of Gary. The Vegas investors who befriend Joe Jackson will bring in skilled labor and skilled hostesses, (and I use the term loosely) from Vegas.
    Michael didn’t want any part of this. That’s why it didn’t happen in 2003.
    I wish the Estate lawyers would put and end to this exploitation by the Jackson family once and for all.

  5. lol YOU ARE ALL WRONG! lol

    The documents were released by THE ESTATE!!!! This is who benefits from the leak. What would Oxman get from this? Nothing! The estate…….shuts all the naysayers up who were questioning the Will!!!

  6. ” Mrs. Jackson has funds and independence from her husband’s cronies, she was able to clean house. How much info Oxman took with him (and is releasing) is up for debate.” What a riot!

    Mrs. Jackson still does what Joe wants, and she does not see any of the monthy allocation from the estate because the Koreans file a lien against her money – they get her monthly allowance until that $8 Milliondooolar court award is paid off that she and Joe and Jermaine were suppose to pony up.

    Sure, the Jacksons want a museum in Gary for the Jackson family, how are they going to get Michael’s possessions from the estate? Oh, well let them continue to exploit Michael’s children to sign belts so that they could raise money.

    Why didn’t they have all of the other grandchildren do the same? Michael would have never used his children to raise money like this. $1,500 per belt? They really think a lot of Michael’s fans would just buy anything from them? Absolutely not!

    They are all about MONEY and it hasn’t changed. You can’t change what two old people who have been sucking the life out of Michael bank account and now that he is dead, they are still trying to suck money from him somehow, someway.

  7. @Alex, thank you pointing that out. I would also like to further clarify that these documents along with who leaked them is important piece of the puzzle. If this document is real it indicates when MJ’s children will gain access of the estate. The reason this is important is that many fans were unsure as to if and when the kids would gain control of the estate. So to Helen I agree that it could have been the executors that leaked the document, but if so, why, to prove that they really are growing the estate for when the kids gains control and not just leeching off of it. Some fans believe that the executors might have fabricated it to prove they aren’t trying to steal total control, some think Brian Oxman released it to show how long the executors will have control before the kids do. Knowing who leaked the documents in my opinion would give many of us better idea of how to view the situation before us.

  8. Brian Oxman was on retainer with the Jackson family until shortly after probate. Randy Jackson fired him for speaking publicly about his family and still maintains that Oxman should not be talking about privileged information. A little late for that at this point. They should have rooted out the unhinged famewhore years ago, but he “worked” for free just to be associated with the family. Now that Mrs. Jackson has funds and independence from her husband’s cronies, she was able to clean house. How much info Oxman took with him (and is releasing) is up for debate.

  9. I say Oxman has ALWAYS been selling stuff, ALONG WITH THE GREEDY JACKSONS, to the News of the World, including those photos of Michael’s bedroom, and an “interview” with LaToya.

  10. @Helen, Oxman is contesting the Will on Joe’s behalf, thus, have access to the Will & Trust documents. He sold Joe Jackson’s petition to ET before.

  11. Helen, no offense but are you a fan? If not why are you reading an article about Michael Jackson? The fans wouldn’t be getting attention if people had no interest in MJ or the circumstances surrounding his death would they? I’m not attacking you, I just really am curious as to why people read articles about MJ or in this case his fans and then comment that his fans as just trying get attention, as if it was just for the sake of getting attention.

    MJ fans are asking questions. At this point some of what’s been circulating is just speculation but there are plenty of reasons to speculate. Fans want the truth and justice for the unnecessary and wrongful death of Michael Jackson. At this point Conrad Murray is the only supect being charged, but the fans are hopeful that if others are also responsible that evidence will be brought to light and they will be charged as well.

    I’m glad the media is finnally taking notice of the voices of the MJ fans. It’s the fans who are not only going keep MJ’s legacy alive but will also give a voice to the now voiceless global icon. RIP MJ

  12. How would Oxman get access to the trust documents. He is not an executor and the document is private. It is more likely that someone in the executors or their attorney’s office leaked it, if the document is even real.

    These fan groups are always speculating about something to get attention.

  13. Wills become public documents at probate,don’t they?Isn’t it the same for trusts? Could Brian Oxman be liable for punitive damages if the trust was indeed a private matter?

  14. Nothing new.. However, I think Michael did the right choice of taking care of his children and his nephews. They are the next generation that will take over and expand his legacy.

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