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Janet Jackson was just super Wednesday night on “American Idol.” Looked great, sounded great. If this is the new direction for her career, she’s all set. Somewhere, Michael was smiling.

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  1. Her first song was nice and sweet.
    Nasty Boy was just that…nasty
    She used to dance soo well during her height, now she was just shaking her ass and sauntering around. Could have done some more actual dancing.

  2. Janet was excellent. Such a beautiful, humble woman. Thanks Roger for making it short and sweet. Her performance said if all.

    @Cherubum: Are you a 12 year old? You spend so much time on so many sites spreading negativity. I am so sorry your parents never loved you, but it’s time to get your own life and stop hating on the Jacksons.

    Better yet, stop skipping school and get an education!

  3. Janet looked Great. I loved the short hair. You are right about Janet’s singing pez. But believe me there are alot more so call music stars out there who can’t sing as good as Miss Jackson. Now I agree with you 100% on the MEDIA and how it treated Michael. And it absolutely still continues. Just wait till June 25th.

  4. Janet was okay. Her voice was never impressive. Just her dancing (which she barely did) and her looks.

    Off Topic: Roger, your obsession with the Jacksons, specifically Michael is ridiculous and hypocritical. You were one of his many detractors so stop acting like you’re his biggest fan now that he’s dead. The MEDIA were the worst exploiters of Michael Jackson and they still continue. It’s pathetic.

  5. Cherubim @ Katerine and Joe can have whatever the hell they want from ANY of their nine children. If it wasn’t for Joe and Kat there would be No Michael or Janet. And Janet gives her parents just as much as Michael has. Anyway back to the topic.


  6. Could someone, please ask Janet Jackson to give
    Joe and Katherine Jackson some of her great wealth;
    so they can stop exploiting Michael Jackson’s children?
    Thank you.

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