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Rock club Don Hill’s in the news. I told you on April 19th that Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan of Kenmare restaurant fame were planning on turning the punk emporium into a classy joint. http://tinyurl.com/35t6z9z It took the New York Post more than a month to say the same thing, without mentioning where the story came from…

…Don Hill’s unofficial queen of rock, Bebe Buell, has a new album called “Sugar,” with a major national release on June 15th. A week later she plays the Roxy in West Hollywood on Sunset…The album is already featured at www.newburycomics.com along with another favorite of this column, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

…Five Ethiopian filmmakers got the experience of a lifetime and a culture jolt during the Cannes Film Festival. They were brought to Monaco by the International Emerging Film Talent Association. Their short documentaries were shown at the University of Monaco, and they were wined and dined Monte Carlo style. The filmmakers had never left Ethiopia before, and suddenly found themselves in James Bond country. Amazing. It’s all part of IEFTA’s continuing program to bring filmmaking to Africa…

The cast of Broadway’s “Memphis” — including Tony nominees Montego Glover and Chad Kimball–celebrated with a big  dinner on Monday night…”Memphis” is the likely Best Musical of 2010. The Tony’s are on CBS June 13th…Did you know that one of the producers and behind the scenes movers and shakers is Lorraine Alterman Boyle, widow of the great actor Peter Boyle? Lorraine was once a premiere rock journalist and knows good music better than anyone…

…Disney is shutting down SoapNet, which supported ABC’s remaining soaps, and replacing it with a 24 hour preschool children’s cable channel. Yes, three year-olds are up from 7pm to 7am, and need entertainment! This is just one more way for ABC and Disney to show their lack of support for their soaps. But sleepless toddlers with remotes applaud the decision!….

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