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Valerie Plame’s exposure by the Bush Administration premiered as a big Hollwood movie today in Cannes. The press applauded Doug Liman’s thriller “Fair Game” and rightly so. It’s a good movie. But the filmmakers are clearly scared of the press. Star Sean Penn has elected to stay away fron Cannes altogether. And the press has been excluded from any contact with Valerie Plame.

Still Naomi Watts turns in a powerful performance as the blonde bombshell spy, the kind of work that Jane Fonda or Julia Roberts would have done in their prime. She’ll be in the Oscar mix, certainly. Her career is notched up significantly.

Will audiences flock to this story? The truth is hard to take, especially about Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. And they may not want to receive it from Sean Penn, who gets to vent and be angry as Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, at all the perceived bad guys (including press). Penn as Wilson may be called out for being particularly abusive to a female reporter. It seems like a set up, frankly.

“Fair Game” is going to need a lot of enthusiasm from that very press if it’s going to make any money. But it’s a solid film that deserves an audience.

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  1. The fact remains that there was retaliation against Joe Wilson for the publishing of his articles in the New York Times about the lack of credible evidence supporting the claim that Powell and Cheney made about yellow cake and Sadam. Right wing ideology states that what ever they do in the name of their cause is right and just, and what ever press that is generated as a result of those actions are treasonous lies. It comes with the territory! Bloody right wing idiots all of them!

  2. Malibu born and bred, family was in the business, ALWAYS comfortable
    ‘daring rebel outsider’ Sean Penn continues to baulk ANY quality
    mention of unfolding revelations of GARGANTUAN, indeed, RECORD SHATTERING ‘peacetime’ genocide in Hollywood’s ‘fave’ mass market
    franchise slum —ACROSS the Pacific —-even on this, the once
    again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly
    relevant –KOREAN WAR.


  3. According to Plame’s own book, she was pulled off field work in 1997 over fears the turncoat Aldrich Ames passed her name to the Russians. So she was “outed” long before her name was published by Novak on July 14, 2003

    This whole big deal was much ado about nothing. The movie, however well acted by the loathsome Sean Penn and others, is destined to flop, as just about every other anti-Bush movie has.

  4. “Valerie Plame’s exposure by the Bush Administration”

    What exposure? It was actually Colin Powell and Richard Artmitage who mentioned her name as giving the little junket trip to her unemployed husband. Not, oooo, scary Cheney and Rove.

    In reality the Plame/Wilson is what is wrong with government. It was a complete and total and distraction of the country’s time at critical period for nearly 18 months resulting in no convictions for the accusations that had been loudly trumped in the press.

    Valerie Plame was an office work who drove into work a the CIA every day. She was never in danger at all and anyone who wanted to know her status merely needed to follow her to work.

    This was really a leak war by the CIA who was waging their own blame war against the State Department. Obama is suffering from the same thing now.

  5. Since when is Julia Roberts not in her prime? Last time I checked she was still one of the only female movie stars who could carry a movie. Eat, Pray, Love anyone?

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