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Jake Weber, who plays Patricia Arquette’s much put upon husband in “Medium,” is featured in a Cannes film.

When Weber was about 7, he spent the summer with the Rolling Stones in the south of France. His father was their drug dealer. Weber, as it’s noted in the new film, “Stones in Exile,” spent the summer rolling joints for Mick, Keith, and friends.

In other interviews, Weber has said that he was a “drug mule” at Mick and Bianca Jagger’s wedding.

The British actor also went to to school at Summerhill, the famous experimental school about which many books have been written. Who knew? Most TV actors don’t have such an exciting resume.

Jagger laughed at Wednesday’s Q&A following the first screening of “Stones in Exile.” He brought up “the little boy in the movie.” who few in the British and French audience realized was a TV star now.

“It’s not an occupation I’d recommend for an eight year old,” Jagger said of Weber’s joint rolling days. There’s no mention of who Weber’s dad was, or how he knew Keith Richards.

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