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Is it possible? The Rolling Stones have shut down a whole side street in Cannes. The lines outside the Palais Stephanie hotel movie theater are deep, long and wide.

Is it 1972? No, it’s 2010. The Stones are re-releasing their seminal album, “Exile on Main Street” this week, remastered and with six new old tracks.

But there’s also a one hour movie, “Stones in Exile” fashioned from unseen footage, and clips from two little known films: the cultish “Cocksucker Blues” and the long ago vanished “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones.”

This is what is driving Cannes crazy a week after the film festival has opened.

“Stones in Exile,” directed by Stephen Kijak, is a one hour romp into decadence and genius. As much as drugs are such a part of the Rolling Stones lore, you also see how organized and ambitious they were; they were out to top their previous success with “Sticky Fingers” and make a classic recording.

Kijak is good at telling the “Exile” story. But of course there’s a hitch: irrelevant interviews with Benicio del Toro, Sheryl Crowe, will.I.am, etc. Who cares? They would have been better off talking to Clapton, McCartney, and other peers.

But in the end “Stones in Exile” a most welcome chronicle of a lost world, when rock musicians weren’t just packaged in plastic and shipped soulessly to customers. Even if it sometimes seems like an hour long commercial, it still gives a sense of the Stones’ authenticity.

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  1. I pre-ordered the boxed set of the album, and I was disappointed. It says “Stones in Exile” then it says Ladies and Gentleman The Rolling Stones it doesn’t say 3 songs. I guess we’ll have to live with the bootlegs. Same w/ CS Blues. The 2 hour version is available. You guys might as well make a good release of them both. Especially with the great mix on “Ladies and Gents” That should be an awesome transfer to DTS True HD Audio. How about it Mick and Keith. Now that you have kids that are adults you don’t want them to see what Daddy did? I think they know. You can always open with an anti drug message and the horrors of addiction if it will help your conscience. We’re going to see it one way or the other. That little teaser with the Exile boxed set is just that, a tease. My Blue ray player can’t even read the menu, I put it in an old regular DVD player and I saw it. Even did a firmware upgrade, which shouldn’t be necessary for a non-blue-ray disc, but it still wouldn’t work. Come on guys. You gave us that little teaser in Gimme Shelter in the Criterion release, then in the GYYYO extra DVD we got a whole bunch of left out stuff from what the Maysleys brothers shot. The alternate Satisfaction, granted the Gimme Shelter one was better, it was just fun to watch. Under My Thumb into I’m Free was awesome! We never got to see Janis grooving out at the Garden, having a blast. The little clip of Hendrix I saw on you tube and it’s a lot longer. Why the gyp?

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