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Around 8pm on Monday night, when no one was looking, even the paparazzi were out of it: famed international tabloid gossip princess Lindsay Lohan descended on the Hotel Martinez in Cannes. She had a posse, a bunch of young people who didn’t know it but looked like they were imitating “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Lohan is on her way to the World Music Awards in Monaco, where she’s a favorite annual guest. A few years ago she did me a big favor when the WMA’s were in London. She was my stringer while Michael Jackson was there for his presentation. Lindsay did a great job, too!

Where will La Lohan land next? And will someone on the Croisette give her a job? She’s hard to recognize, sporting jet black dyed hair. I miss the red Lindsay.

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  1. On Tuesday I read the truth that Lindsay is now returning to rehabilitation. This is in all probability her 5th time. I truly have high hopes that Lindsay L. will make it this time. The only thing she is heading for is more jail-time or death. I also pray that lilo is not really acting out like this for news coverage…

  2. I had been searching for information about Lilo being let go from prison and landed right here. All I am able to point out is that i’m happy with the idea that Lindsay Lohan will be finally released from imprisonment. The girl has a legitimate problem and ought to think about responsibility. The idea is tremendously difficult for people to assume that she will learn how to resolve her dilemma just because the state of California is certain that they may compel her. Just what she definitely should have is narcotic abuse treatment. I pray that she realizes peace of mind. And I trust that we are not getting hoodwinked if she is not just doing all of this only to receive personal marketing awareness??

  3. I also cannot imagine that lindsay who we know as at this point is the same lindsay that starred in herbie the love bug as well as mean girls. It is just a complete travesty to see which the legal courts have handled this and the way a hollywood company paid seven figures for the story following she gets away from jail. practically nothing hotter then hollywood glorifying felony action. The full lohan family unit are totally out of their minds. Dina in addition to Micheal did a really great job…not.

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