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Talk about a product plug. Remember Blue Star Jets from the original “Wall Street”?

In the new “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” Charlie Sheen’s Bud Fox tells Michael Douglas’s Gordon Gekko he made fortune with the company. There is much discussion of the fabled private airline.

It turns out there is real Blue Star Jets, a company named for and inspired by the fictitious firm. You can read about them and owner Todd Rome at www.bluestarjets.com.

Who made the connection? It was a chance meeting in 2009 at the Waverly Inn, where Blue Star publicist Norah Lawlor ran into director Oliver Stone. He was just about to start prepping “WS2.” Lawlor told him there was now a real company named for the original. Stone went wild. The result was not only the Blue Star story resurrected in the film, but the real Blue Star also flew Stone and others from the film as needed.

Art imitates life, and we always love that!

Image: PRphotos.com

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