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Opening night without the film’s director? At Cannes, this would be a disappointment.

Having just arrived in Paris, I am now getting all kinds of calls about the impending festival of festivals. But I am hearing that knee replacement surgery has made it just about a mission imposible for Oscar winner Ridley Scott to make it Cannes on Wednesday for the premiere of his new blockbuster, “Robin Hood.”

And Scott, as we all know, loves France. He made a film in Provence several years ago just so he could spend time here.

The rest of the cast is on its way from various points in the world. Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Max von Sydow, Oscar Isaac, are all expected to drive the crowds crazy on Wednesday on the red carpet leading up to the Palais des Festivals.

“Robin Hood” is the first opening night in a couple of years with a lot of star power, making the premiere extra special.  I do hear Scott will send his long time girlfriend, the shockingly hot Giannina Facio, in his place. Giannina is a regular in Scott films. She plays a lady in waiting in this one.

Scott can only be disappointed himself to miss his return to the Croisette after 33 years. Maybe they’ll figure out a way to get him here. But Crowe and co. will carry the day. “Robin Hood” is a nice change of pace–a movie in which great adult actors tell a timeless tale. The French press should be very motivated when they see all their antedecedents as villians trying to destroy the British throne. Mon dieu!

Cannes will otherwise be overrun by famous directors, don’t worry: Oliver Stone, Woody Allen, Jean Luc Godard, Mike Leigh, Stephen Frears, Sophie Fiennes (sister of Ralph and Joseph), Bernard Tavernier, will keep things busy enough!

Scott will also miss the “Robin Hood’ cast dinner on Tuesday night at the famous Michelangelo restaurant in Antibes. Michelangelo and Tetou are the two hotspots in the South–where the stars go every night!

UPDATE: Since I posted, Scott has issued a statement saying he definitely won’t attend.

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