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Here’s a little more on Madonna‘s movie, “W.E”– and some other movie bits…

According to sources, the Material Director wants hot as a pistol young actor Oscar Isaac, who plays King John in the new Ridley Scott directed “Robin Hood,” for her film.

Isaac would be one half of the modern romantic couple in the movie, opposite Abbie Cornish. Not yet cast are the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (see story below), who play counterparts of the modern couple.

Isaac–who’s already starred in “Agora” and “Balibo”– is ready to have his breakthrough moment. Next year he stars in “Sucker Punch,” directed by Zack Snyder. Madonna’s movie can only up his profile, whether the film turns out good or bad…

“Robin Hood,” meantime, screened on Tuesday night for long-lead press, and got great advance word. It’s said to be a real “movie” with few special effects and little CGI. There’s a lot of real action, however. Maybe it will start a trend back to real moviemaking. This “Robin Hood” also sets up its own sequel with a splashy ending that presages Robin Hood’s days of robbing the rich and helping the poor.

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