Home Celebrity Bret Michaels: Is the Media Ignoring Good News on Purpose?

Bret Michaels is going to recover from his brain hemorrhage. But the media doesn’t seem much interested.

I am told by a source that Michaels will recover, that the recovery will take a few months and involve rehabilitation. He is not having seizures. He is not dying. He is not dead. He did not have surgery yesterday to relieve pressure on his brain.

These are the stories, however, that are getting attention. Reuters carried the right news last night, but no one picked it up. Instead, most of the searches about Michael turn up news that he’s critical and in peril.

“Because he went straight to the hospital, Bret got the proper treatment quickly,” says an insider.

Will he make it to the final episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” on May 23rd? It seems unlikely, but you never know. Don’t discount a last minute showing. Think of the drama!

Michaels’ doctors will hold some kind of press conference on Monday. Until then, it’s going to be radio out. Recovery and tests. Anything else is just designed to get publicity and attention for the sources.