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Bret  Michaels remains in critical condition this morning. So does the situation concerning his public relations.

This morning, someone called the “Today” show and “Access Hollywood” and insisted Michaels had passed away. Not so says Michaels’ beleaguered press rep Jo Mignano. “He’s alive, being treated, he’s sedated. Nothing has changed.”

Sources say Donald Trump‘s team from “Celebrity Apprentice” — which Michaels ostensibly has won for the men’s team–is as much in the dark as anyone else about Michaels’s whereabouts. Only his family and close friends know where Michaels is hospitalized.

Trump and NBC now walk a fine line. If they continue to make statements unauthorized by Michaels’ family they run the risk of appearing to stoke ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice.”

On the other hand, they have three more previously taped episodes that lead up to chef Curtis Stone being fired and Michaels becoming — to use Donald Trump’s language — a “champion.”

A wo hour live special set for May 23rd will have to feature Stone, as the odds of Michaels making the show–even as he recovers–are pretty slim.

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  1. Hey Roger, those of us who watch “The Apprentice” don’t know that Curtis Stone has been “fired”, as that episode hasn’t aired yet.

    Please put a “Spolier Alert” at the top of any article so you don’t ruin it for the rest of us.


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