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Saturday is Record Store Day around the country. Support your local independent record store! Here in Manhattan the situation is tragic. With the demise of Tower, Virgin and HMV, there are few places where you can actually buy CDs, LPs, or videos.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, I used to ricochet between Bleecker Bob’s and Rocks in Your Head in SoHo. Strangely enough, the former is still there on West 3rd St. Rocks is long gone, replaced by a real estate agency.

The days of flipping through bins and flirting with girls who were doing the same is relegated to “Hannah and Her Sisters” when Woody runs into Dianne Wiest. What a shame!

As much as I loathe Los Angeles, they at least have Amoeba Records. We just have greedy landlords. But check out the Record Store Day website. There are a few little shops left here and there. I’ll bet if all the people in the world walking around with little earplugs blasting music could hear the full sound of LPs or even well made CDs through a real stereo system and speakers, they’d faint. (www.stereophile.com) A whole generation of downloaders is missing the real thing. Too bad, kids.

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