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“Spider Man: Turn off the Dark” is coming. Really. This fall.

Original producer David Garfinkle tells me the $45 million Julie Taymor-U2 extravaganza has its money in place. There will be announcements shortly concerning a schedule and a replacement for Evan Rachel Wood, who bowed out of the part of Mary Jane.

Garfinkle says it’s all in hand, and that Alan Cumming and Reeve Carney are still all set. “Everything is ready. We’re getting ready to make some announcements.”

“Spider Man” has been in trouble forever. Recently a Broadway investor told me the budget was up to $52 million and that it would take five years to recoup investments if the show sold out every night and the entire audience bought T shirts. Who knows? The beauty of “Spider Man” succeeding is that would put the naysayers in their places forever.

So who should play Mary Jane? They’re going to need a name, a great girl who can sing and dance and be funny. It’s so hard to find one of those in New York!

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