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California’s very popular Senator  Barbara Boxer has a challenger for her Democratic seat.

It seems Hollywood is sending producer Brian Quintana into the ring.An office number answered with a recording “BQ for Senate.”

But Quintana has enough baggage to fill an airport. Last year he sued “Superman” producer Jon Peters for sexual harassment. A court order was issued to keep Peters 100 feet away from Quintana. He said Peters was going to break his legs. A trial was supposed to have begun on March 1st.

Quintana’s strange bio can be found on IMDB

Quintana says in his press release to run for Senate that when he ran for office in 1992 his supporters included Hollywood billionaire David Geffen, producer Steve Tisch, movie studio executive Sherry Lansing, Martin Sheen, Anjelica Huston, and entertainment mogul Barry Diller.

According to his own press release Quintana says:  “The Tsunami of discontent for politics as usual is sweeping our country from Florida to Massachusetts and from Virginia to Nevada. As a good Democratic I will not concede this seat to Barbara Boxer and allow California to be washed up come November,” stated Quintana about his decision to run. “Further, no one from Los Angeles County or no person of color has served California in the United States Senate in over 100 years. Our time has come.”

Check out Quintana’s website: http://www.brianquintana.com/

He’s also a big supporter of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. He wrote in an email to his fans on November 18th: Meg’s business acumen uniquely qualifies her to rescue California from it’s current economic crisis.

Let’s make history by electing California’s first female Governor. Meg is a proven job creator who gets technology, she know how to balance a budget, and is committed to our public schools. Now is the time to look forward – not backwards.

Please let me know if you’d like to meet Meg at one of her upcoming Hollywood stops. She is smart, dynamic and truly inspirational. You will leave with no doubt that she is the right leader for this challenging time.
Thank you in advance!

More to come…

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