Home Television Exclusive: ‘Lost’ Returnees, ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Renewed


My favorite show, “Lost,” won’t come to an end without bringing back a few favorite characters.

I am told exclusively that the actors who play Desmond, Penny, Charles Widmore, and the French doctor, Rousseau, are all on their way back to the island.

That means we’ll see Henry Ian Cusick, Sonya Walger, Alan Dale and Mira Furlan, respectively, all returning. I am told that the trouble with getting back some of the recurring, non contract players to reprise their roles is that either ABC or Bad Robot Productions is offering very little money. Ironically, “Lost” will sell and sell for years on DVD and in syndication. Why not pay these actors appropriately for their contributions?

Anyway, let’s hope everyone from the six seasons gets to make one last visit to the island …

… Other TV news: I’m told ABC has renewed “Brothers & Sisters” for a fifth season. The Sally Field soap opera has had, I think, five show runners in four seasons. Maybe they can somehow get back to the show’s basic premise, from which it has seriously drifted, next fall …

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