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Whither Mariah Carey?

On Friday she offered an energetic, upbeat, but soulless half hour in Las Vegas for the I Heart Radio show. She stuck to hip hop songs and eschewed ballads. She looked great.

But Mariah is having the same trouble experienced by a lot of “older” artists. She can’t sell records, in any format. Her big comeback record, “GTFO,” which was lifted from a four year old EDM track called “Goodbye to a World” by Porter Robinson, was released a week ago Friday.

According to BuzzAnglePro, “GTFO” sold zero copies from Friday the 14th through Monday the 17th. This was in streaming or downloads.

“GTFO” also does not appear on the iTunes top 200 singles. Nothing. For a brief time mid week it showed up around number 117, then dropped, and dropped off completely.

On Spotify’s charts, both Top 50 US and Viral Top 50 US, “GTFO” is invisible.

I know I will get hate mail from Mariah fans who think Madonna is paying me to say this, and vice versa. (I love those Tweets and emails– they are so completely crazy.) Facts are facts and not alternative. “GTFO” has been met by the sound of crickets. And this follows a string of flop singles dating back to 2009’s “Obsessed,” her last chart hit.

Mariah’s next album is set for a release in early October.

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