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Not a great day in the history of “Star Wars.”

After three weeks in release, “The Last Jedi” finished third on Friday night. It made $6.5 million, roughly half of what the number 1 film took in.

And that film was “Insidious: The Last Key,” the fourth installment of a horror series from Jason Blum’s staggeringly successful Blumhouse. “Last Key” made $12.7 million. And that’s with a cast of unknown actors, nary a star among them.

“Insidious” was a big budget movie for Blumhouse, too. The price was $10 million. Usually their films are budgeted at $5 million. Maybe now they’re feeding the actors!

Number 2 last night was “Jumanji” with $10.8 million on its 17th day of release.

Steven Spielberg’s “The Post” is continuing to sell out in limited release, awaiting some Golden Globe wins. Last night Spielberg and Tom Hanks celebrated with a small, swanky party at the Chateau Marmont. Publicist Peggy Siegal, who has worked with Spielberg since “Jaws,” did not want to miss this gathering even though JFK was closed and the snow kept coming. So she had her driver bring her to Reagan Airport in Washington DC, a four hour plus drive, and then flew out to Los Angeles in time! Now that is dedication!




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