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Well, thanks to clueless New York Times writer Russell Fausset (rhymes with “Faucet”), we now all about about neo Nazi Tony Hovater and his wife Maria.

Fausset is drawing outrage from all over the place for his story “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland.” He portrays Tony and Maria as a cool couple who like “Seinfeld,” shop at Target, eat at Panera bread.

Tony tells Fausset– and this is sooo cute– about “Seinfeld”: “I guess it seems weird when talking about these type of things,” he says. “You know, I’m coming at it in a mid-90s, Jewish, New York, observational-humor way.”

Only, of course, Tony hates Jews. He sells swastikas on his website for $20. Fausset leaves with the impression that is sooo enterprising. And ironic.

In fact, it’s really stupid of the New York Times to have published an article that comes off with no irony. It’s lots of fun for Twitter-ers, and the Atlantic has already run a parody, but to a huge number of people this piece normalizes anti-Semitism, racism, and white supremacy.

He declared the widely accepted estimate that six million Jews died in the Holocaust “overblown.” He said that while the Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler wanted to exterminate groups like Slavs and homosexuals, Hitler “was a lot more kind of chill on those subjects.”

“I think he was a guy who really believed in his cause,” he said of Hitler. “He really believed he was fighting for his people and doing what he thought was right.”

Wait– go back. Things are so bad now at the Times that they had to reference “the widely accepted estimate” of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust with a link. Just in cause you don’t believe them.(The link is to Haaretz, which I’m sure every white supremacist believes.)

You know, the Holocaust, what Mel Gibson called “a numbers game.”

Dean Baquet, editor of the New York Times, this didn’t work. It’s disgusting. Talk about alienating your base.

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