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It should be a happy time of the year for Mariah Carey. Her “All I Want for Christmas” is always the number 1 holiday song.

But things are a little dire right now commercially. Mariah’s new single, “The Star,” from the Christian based movie of the same name, has sold only 3,400 copies since its release on October 20th. It was met with indifference despite it being a pretty good ballad that shows off Mariah’s famous voice. But there’s been no push from Epic Records, where Mariah signed before LA Reid left the company.

Meanwhile, the animated movie “The Star” about Christ’s birth seen through the eyes of the animals has a good 83 with critics, and will bring in the Christian kids this weekend. That might help Carey.

That’s not all, however. Tickets to Carey’s four Christmas shows at the Beacon Theatre have gone up on discount services like GoldStar. The first two shows have not sold at all. The second two look a little better now, but the full picture hasn’t yet been seen.

Mariah finally cut her most recent manager, Stella Bulochnikov, free last month. But word is her dancer boyfriend, Brian Tanaka, has taken over. That’s a huge mistake, and these examples of career issues should show the singer it’s time to get serious– especially since her 50th birthday gets nearer and nearer.

Here’s a schematic for the Beacon. The dark areas are seats now on discount.

 mariah beacon

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