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The fall out from Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve debacle continues.

Today, Mariah announced she’s taking a “break” from social media until her March tour with Lionel Richie begins.

But I’m hearing that close friends and associates cannot get through to Mariah anyway. “Everything is blocked, all communication,  by Stella,” a really important friend to Mariah told me, referring to Stella Bulochnikov. “Stella has her phone,” this person says, and I believe him.

Meanwhile, I hear that LA Reid and Epic Records want to release a new single by Mariah in three weeks. They’ve got it, and feel that she needs something on the radio to remind people Carey can really sing– not just lip sync.

Bulochnikov is battling this idea, although so far Mariah’s career has tanked under her regime. Remember “Infinity”? Sold zero copies. And Carey hasn’t had a hit album in a long, long time.

Stay tuned…


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