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EXCLUSIVE Heard on the Croisette: interesting buzz that an updated film version of “Speed the Plow,” one of David Mamet’s most successful plays, may be coming to us with a surprise.

The word is that Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is talking to Mamet about playing one of the male roles, re-written for her. That would be Charlie, played so brilliantly eons ago on stage by Ron Silver.

There was talk about two months ago that Michael Polish would direct this new screen version. I’m told Hathaway would play Charlie to a big name star as Bobby Gould. How that would affect the third character, Karen, whom Bobby and Charlie each want to bed, is unknown. But you know these days, anything is possible.

Given how women’s roles have changed in Hollywood since “Speed the Plow” first appeared, this seems like a cool idea. I also like the idea of Mamet updating the script some to give it a slightly more contemporary feel.

So stay tuned because this could be interesting, it would certainly give the whole project a lot more edge.


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