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EXCLUSIVE So far, no one has shown up with a last will and testament for Prince.

I am told that it’s likely there is no will despite Prince’s great fortune and holdings. “He thought he’d live until he was one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years old,” Prince’s long time former attorney and close friend Londell McMillan told me today.

McMillan never had a will with Prince. It’s unlikely any other lawyer drew one up either. “He didn’t think he would die. He couldn’t face it,” observed McMillan. “Some people are like that.”

This means Paisley Park must be in chaos this morning. Prince is dead, cremated. Vast holdings including real estate and a humongous song catalog are left behind.

Plus Prince had other business holdings as well. McMillan revealed to me that he and Prince were partnered in a company called NorthStar, born out of their dealings getting the “Emancipation” album to market through EMI Records 20 years ago.

As I wrote yesterday, “Emancipation” and several other Prince recordings exist outside his deal with Warner Music. Those include his recent “HitandRun” albums, the Black and the Gold albums, Musicology, and so on. His own label, NPG records, would be part of his estate.

Also in question would be things like ownership of Prince’s “Purple Rain” movie which was re-released over the weekend. It’s being shown on VH-1 Classics and is the number 2 download on iTunes movies this weekend.

All eyes will be on Minneapolis probate court this week to see what happens next.

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