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UPDATE SAT MORNING APRIL 16TH 8:47AM EST: My scoop about Coachella and huge rock stars was summarily ripped off by the LA Times faster than you can say “Sam Zell.” Rolling Stone and Billboard followed. Nice. Next time the LA Times is sold or censored by some publisher, I’m going to take the publisher’s side. Cowards. Well, at least they know how to read. PS Rolling Stone even took my ‘mega’ into their headline.

Here’s the original story:

APRIL 15TH 10:27AM EASTERN: The Coachella Music Festival starts tonight out in Indio, California with its mix of indie rockers, rappers, and a few stars like Guns n Roses, Chris Stapleton, Ellie Goulding, Disclosure, and Of Monsters and Men, and Halsey sprinkled in for the kick ass, young crowd.

But I’m told that the Coachella organizers want a fall festival, in October, and are in the process of booking mega classic rock stars. I do mean Stars, too, as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Bob Dylan, Elton John and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd may all converge on the area. McCartney, you may recall, opened Coachella in 2009.

The names are real, so are the offers, and this is happening.

Sting and Bruce Springsteen are other names in the mix. Other big rock acts with historical significance are being contacted, too. So far no R&B stars have been mentioned but I can’t believe Stevie Wonder or Earth, Wind & Fire wouldn’t be considered.

Get your hotel rooms now.

Coachella chief Paul Tollett just said in an interview out there that a fall festival was “doable,” and of course a Columbus Day weekend blow out would be the perfect autumn offering. Coachella accommodates upwards of 50,000 guests.


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