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The Academy Awards show is going to look like a mini Grammy Awards considering the nominees for Best Song.

Three of the five nominated songs are performed in their movies by bona fide pop stars. Lady Gaga sings “Til It Happens to You.” The Weeknd performs “Earned It.” Sam Smith wails “Writing’s on the Wall.” It’s likely all three will perform the songs on the Dolby Theater stage.

The two other songs are “Simple Song” from “Youth.” And “Manta Ray” from “Racing Extinction.”

Oddly left out is the hit duet from Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa from “Fast and Furious 7”– “See You Again.” That song won the Golden Globe and is a smash. I’m disappointed it didn’t make the final cut.

Since you can no longer make irreverent jokes in public, I will restrain myself from wondering why there was no song from “Spotlight.” (Think of the possibilities!)

Anyway, maybe producer Reginald Hudlin will ask someone to sing something by Amy Winehouse, and something by Nina Simone. That would be cool since documentaries about each performer are nominated.

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