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Miley Cyrus has put a new raunchy album on SoundCloud for free. The album is a collaboration with the Flaming Lips, but it’s a Miley Cyrus album. Make no mistake. It’s unclear how it will appear beyond free streaming.
The song titles include “Bang Me Box” and “Fuckin Fucked Up.” Another is called “I’m so Drunk.”

This album is full of X rated dialogue and some incredible melodies.

The lead track is called “Dooo It.” The refrain is “I don’t give a fuck.” There are a lot of lyrics about smoking pot.

Hannah Montana is dead.

The music is pretty cool, I’ll say that. And so is the idea of a free release announced at the last minute. There’s a potentially great track called “BB Talk.” Beautiful melody. Lyric: “Feeling like I’m going to vomit.”


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