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Madonna didn’t beat herself this week. Her “Rebel Heart” dropped 80% in its second week on the charts, falling from number 2 to number 16. “Rebel Heart” sold 22,800 copies the week after its debut. When it launched, it sold around 120,00 copies. Her last album, “MDNA” had an 86% drop in its second week. So it’s a win-lose situation. This is the second biggest chart drop. On this week’s hitsdailydouble chart, Luke Bryan’s latest album dropped 63%

“Rebel Heart” suffers from the same problem as its recent predecessors– no hit single. The songs are good, and well produced. But no one’s looking for a hit. Madonna was once queen of the pop singles. But that’s when she had real tunesmiths writing for her. I heard her tell Howard Stern that she didn’t go back to songwriters like Billy Steinberg and Tom   Kelly, who wrote “Like a Virgin” because she didn’t like their other songs. How utterly ridiculous. They had a dozen other hits without Madonna.

But gone gone gone are Patrick Leonard, Steven Bray, William Orbit, and all the people who made hits for Madonna. In their place now are production teams who come and go, and have no vested interest in her success. They are also not radio friendly. After Daft Punk did so well with Nile Rodgers, who produced “Like a Virgin,” she should have asked him to come back. “Rebel Heart” has interesting lyrics, but you can’t sing along or dance to them.

Madonna’s total sales this week were 24,761. On the total chart, including all streaming etc, she finished at number 19.

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  1. What a completely idiotic article. Madonna has written the vast majority of her own material since day one, with the exception of two tracks on her debut and “Like a Virgin.” That’s why she didn’t go back to Bill and Tom…they didn’t write for her or with her, they jus trandomly had written that song, which Madonna got.

    As for her new album, there is a PLETHORA of songs on their which are some of the most radio-friendly songs she has recorded in years….”Ghosttown” is BUILT for radio. The majority of the album is ready to be sung along with and danced to.

    So clearly, Roger Friedman has absolutely no knowledge of Madonna’s 33-year career whatsoever and has clearly not even heard “Rebel Heart.”

    And a true artist moves forward and tries new thing…not stagnate.

  2. if you go to youtube and search for Madonna Choreography and filter by the upload date you will clearly see how her Rebel Heart album has been inspiring countless young, talented, creative, artistic, sexy and intelligent men and women of all ages around the world to be free, true to themselves, healthy, and to live life to the fullest. She still has decades of vitality to share. This is the mark of true talent, to inspire others to create and share with the world what is inside of them and to express it freely to the world.

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