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Troye Sivan. I never heard of him before this past Wednesday. My twin 14 year old nieces told me about him. He’s a huge star on YouTube, where the kids are all going for their music. Today his EP, which won’t be released until August 15th, is number 1 on the iTunes album chart. Are you kidding? I am not.

Sivan could be the next Justin Bieber. Let’s just pray he’s not, in so many ways. He has a hit song called “The Fault in Our Stars.” He wrote, produced and released it in 2013, inspired by John Green’s novel. It’s not on the movie’s soundtrack. That CD produced no breakout single. You wonder why Sivan’s song wasn’t on it. We’ll find out.

He’s a new breed of kid. Last year he released a YouTube video to his millions of fans– he’s HUGE in Australia and South Africa, his two homes– announcing he is gay. The kids don’t care. It’s 2014. If a pop star had said that in 1974, everyone would have fainted. Now, what the heck! I like this generation, but I don’t know what to call them. Generation ZZ?

Anyway, here’s Troye. I’m surprised Scooter Braun hasn’t adopted him yet. But he’s managed in America by Group III, and he’s signed to Universal Music.

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  1. So happy for him. Don’t compare him to Bieber though. Just because he’s young and attractive. Happy Little Pill is way too good to be compared to Bieber.

  2. Fantastic, beautiful. Always listen to your nieces. How nice if we could start over with a Justin B type performer who doesn’t drink sizzurp or hang out with other thugs. This boy has all the makings of a superstar.

  3. He’s got it! He’s much better than Bieber. Going to go far this young man! I was right about Barbra Streisand whom I saw in New York when she made her first TV appearance on the Judy Garland Show decades ago. She had not even cut her first record but I ordered six of them to be airmailed to me in London and I distributed them, possibly the first ones at that time.

  4. How come we now live in a world where everyone who can carry a tune is considered a “star”. This is average at best. Sounds like every other artist on the radio. True story.

  5. What’s the big darn deal. Stupid dumb song from a confused idiot kid. You make sound as if he is the reincarnation of all the musical talent comprised of the Beatles.
    Who the hell cares!!!

  6. Seems like a nice enough young man. I’m just afraid that the trashy spin doctors are, right now, looking for any foible in this young fellows past to use against him. OR, even worse, using what they find to promote him.

  7. Props to Troye Sivan for his accomplishments, but please, Australia’s Jai Waetford runs circles around Troye. Jai is a better singer + songwriter (IMHO) and he looks more like mini Bieber (sorry for that last comparison Jai). A search for Australia’s Xfactor 2013 will bring up Jai. /fan from the USA

  8. So, he’s ‘better than Bieber’ because he’s, essentially, an emo homosexual.

    “Golly, I LIKE this generation!” How ridiculous…

  9. What do you call them?

    Generation ‘A’ as in “adult” as in the first Americans to grow up and act like mature civil responsible consumers, as in the first “generation” to have reached maturity in the United States. That’s what you call them.

  10. Priceless! Beautifully written, perfect tempo, and the tune can be hummed all day after just listening once!
    I will send a check as soon as I am done posting this. Thanks to all who made this possible and may God bless you with his love and grace.

  11. If he’d said he was gay in 1974, everyone would have accused him of ripping off Bowie, yawned, and moved on. Blaming my good friends at the Moral Majority in the 80’s for making ‘gay’ a big deal again.

  12. My daughter died of a brain tumor in 2004 – his song is very special! I am moved beyond tears — beautiful!! My his star shoot to the to :)

  13. A beautiful song for all the children who’s body fails them but their hearts are strong and loving thank you for touching my Heart

  14. That song is muzak it sucks and it’s so overproduced that you would have to an idiot to believe that this corporate produced tweener crap was in at home making music. I call bullshit.

  15. Well, I think it lacks authenticity and originality (The song). The child will be a star merely for being attractive to young girls as true talent has been lost to the dumbing down of a nation. His confidence in his very common abilities will be his success.

  16. It’s OK for him to go public with his gayness – as long as he doesn’t live in USA. In the US, that fact alone is enough to get him murdered by some nutcase. Bieber comes from a backwater slum called Canada, what can you expect?

  17. This guy obviously hasn’t done his research. This kid Troye’s first single is called My Happy Little Pill – the title is self-explanatory of the lyric contents. Hardly wholesome stuff for 13 or 14 year olds!

  18. Feels a little bit like a kid that needs affirmation and praise for his humanitarian actions to me. It’s kind of a “look at these poor people with cancer…and oh…aren’t I cute?” More self-promotion from a self absorbed generation. I’m more impressed with people that do this sort of thing without looking for a record deal.

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