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Mia Farrow has thrown another grenade at Woody Allen. She’s gotten daughter Dylan to accuse Woody of sexual abuse in a blog in the New York Times. It’s not in the main paper. It’s in Nicholas Kristof’s personal blog. And what Kristof says as “full disclosure” is that he’s a friend of Mia Farrow. it’s not in his preface to Dylan’s open letter, which everyone is now reading. That’s how Kristof puts it in his Op Ed piece that accompanies the blog revelation.

But Kristof and Farrow aren’t just ‘friends.’ They are close friends. Romantic? I’m not suggesting that. They travel together, Kristof writes about Farrow often, he Tweets and re-Tweets her. They are too close for him to be delivering Dylan’s accusations. There isn’t a chance that Kristof hasn’t heard complaints about Woody Allen from Mia Farrow non stop for the last five or six years. At least. Read this column from Kristof about Farrow from 2008 http://kristof.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/08/06/mia-farrow-gold-medalist/

The Mia Farrow Kristof writes about is Gandhi, Mandela, and Mother Theresa all rolled into one.

Here’s a picture of Kristof and Farrow with friends at an awards show.

farrow kristof

It’s not that I don’t believe Dylan Farrow, or sympathize with her pain. I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. What I do know is that Mia Farrow has very carefully conducted a campaign against Woody Allen since she realized “Blue Jasmine” would do well at the box office and get Oscar nominations. She went nuts when the Golden Globes decided to honor him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The campaign has been well calculated. It involved suggesting that her son Ronan might be Frank Sinatra’s kid, and not Woody’s. It’s not possible, of course. But the suggestion set off a firestorm. And now Ronan, with no background in broadcasting, has gotten a daily show on MSNBC beginning later this month. Kris Kardashian Jenner has nothing on Mia Farrow.

During the Golden Globes show, Ronan attacked Woody on Twitter, the electronic neighborhood graffiti wall. He claimed that Woody had molested Dylan when she was 7. He was largely rebuffed by the Twitter audience. Then Cate Blanchett really thanked Woody on TV when she won the SAG Award for Best Actress in “Blue Jasmine.” That must have sent Mia over the edge.

The result is Dylan’s painful “open letter” in Kristof’s blog this afternoon. She supplied a picture, too. The letter is pointed at Blanchett– what if this were your child? Mia has turned Woody into Zelig after his fall from grace. She learned a lot from that movie. Once a celebrity is accused of something, it won’t go away. And with the internet, it’s even worse.

Choosing Kristof for the ‘hit’ was a bad idea. He is not at all objective. He’s Mia’s pawn in this endless chess game. If she and Dylan were serious, they would have gone to someone totally impartial, someone they didn’t know.Farrow and Kristof have traveled together to the Sudan, they’ve appeared together often, there are numerous accounts of them together that can be found easily.

If the Farrows had been serious, they could have filed a police report, or a lawsuit. But they chose a quick ambush, a sucker punch, a swift attack during Oscar season. If Dylan is telling the 100 percent truth, she could have told it last fall, or next spring, or three years ago, or during the release of a Woody film that didn’t matter so much, like “To Rome with Love.”

It’s too bad because Dylan’s pain and Ronan’s Tweets are all lost in Mia’s obvious manipulations.

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  1. Thanks for your coverage and your sanity.
    When I read the Dylan Farrow letter in the NYTimes two things struck me — 1) the action items — not to watch another Woody Allen movie, and 2) no one should work with Woody Allen again. Why throw Diane Keaton and — for the love of life — Alec Baldwin under the bus? Seemed like a manipulative letter and I learned later on even Andrea Peyser of the NY Post who I normally despise, picked that up too. The charges against Allen were damning and so I thought to myself, Woody Allen had BETTER do a live interview to explain his innocence here — if he issues a statement of his innocence through a lawyer, he’s guilty. Well he wrote the letter in the Times — ok — brought out a TON of info I didn’t know — the timeline of the attic incident was the big red flag. Then to find out — he HAD already given a very public interview where he professed his innocence — 20 years ago ON 60 MINUTES!!!! And watching that tape, he looks like he is speaking from the heart. And again the timeline of the attic incident.

    And then to look back at the letter from Dylan — the charges of him sticking his finger in her mouth — by itself, so what? The charge that he slept in his underwear with her — which on 60 minutes he said happened one time when the kids jumped in his bed — again, a big ‘so what’. The charge that Dylan didn’t want to be around him alone? When you look at the four charges, there’s nothing there, especially if they’re being trumpeted up.

    Then Moses letter came out — revealing his sister to be a liar; he was there the day of the attic; he never saw her avoid Woody. So now the masses try to discredit him? Why, is he less of a victim than Dylan? Victim of Momma Mia’s psycho house. FIFTEEN kids. ELEVEN Adopted.

    Then to learn more about Mia Farrow — the psychotic valentine, the psychotic threats, then to learn her BROTHER John Farrow was convicted of being a pedophile to two young boys for YEARS and sentenced to 10 years only this Oct 28, 2013 — which also coincides with Mia Farrow’s attacks on Woody Allen — do you think that has something to do with it? Then to find out that Dory Previn was sent to an asylum because of Mia Farrow breaking up her marriage and wrote a song about it — anyone reading this go to youtube and look up “Beware Of Young Girls: The Songs Of Dory Previn”.

    Then I read the Vanity Fair Maureen Orth article — and again — there were some more allegations against Woody Allen, and you feel like throwing up reading how he put his finger in her vagina — but the more I kept reading, I felt like throwing up worse — in reading Mia Farrow being put on some high alter as mother teresa — her work in Africa of course. What a puff piece. I was waiting for the part at the end where the author gave Mia Farrow cunnilingus. Then to read how Mia Farrow didn’t want the piece written of course of course. They had to twist her arm! She is only worried about the children!

    Then I saw a youtube piece of Mia Farrow testifying at the Blood Diamonds trial — does it get trippier??? And she’s testifying against Naomi Campbell of all people — and in the testimony she has that psychotic voice, keeps shaking her head ‘no’ while she states what happened (which the amateur lie detector like me knows is a major indicator of a bull thrower), and the line “I was in my hotel room with MY CHILDREN” — again using her children as a shield.

    Then the timeline of her son being Frank Sinatra’s son — meaning her and Woody were dating 5 years leading “parallel lives” in separate houses according to Woody Allen — and she’s banging Frank Sinatra — and therefore probably just dating Woody to be in his movies to bring her career from nowhere to its peak — and he dates her daughter — PREVIN’s daughter which I had never known until all this. Which means this is more The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman dates the mother then marries the daughter and everyone clapped.

    And then to find this article. And then to just look up right now John Villers-Farrow and NY Times and to find they’ve never covered the story of him getting 10 years. And by the way Mia has never commented on it and all the while all of the above has gone on, if you look what Mia is tweeting about on twitter, she is pretending to be la-ti-day tweeting about the Olympics, Africa, and all the important things of the world. WHAT A PHONY.

    But worse than a phony — a psycho. And the stakes are high — this isn’t about man-versus-woman as so many have tried to label it — it is about psychotic person against normal person. And Woody Allen is the victim. As are Mia Farrow’s children.

    Character assassination on a global scale is about the worst thing you can do to a person besides killing them — worse in some cases. That’s why we found Saddam Hussein in a hole in the ground, and Bin Laden supposedly threw his wife in front of him when the machine gun bullets flew. You assassinate the character of the enemy. If true Mia Farrow is as evil as evil can be.

    Thanks for your article.

  2. Roger Friedman Your choice to not print my entire letter demonstrates not that I am an anti-Semite, but that you are a disingenuous coward.

    And your bullying reference to my geographical location supports what’s evident: You are a bullying coward. As well as a bigot. Which, for whomever might be concerned, what he censored is my reference to his particular brand of bigotry.

  3. I don’t think Woody would charge Dylan with slander. That would only cause her pain & anguish. I think he knows that once the child abuser finger is pointed at him, he’s guilty in the eyes of the average person even if Dylan said it never happened. The major damage is done with the accusation alone. Once accused, it will never go away.

    It seems most professionals who have been involved in this case believe Woody is innocent or at least believe there is no reliable evidence to charge him. The lawyer, Frank Maco, got in trouble with the law society (or whatever it’s called) for the comments that he made about Woody. More evidence that professionals believe Woody is that he & Soon-Yi were able to adopt 2 girls after this situation with Dylan. Adoption agencies are know to err on the side of caution and if they had concerns neither adoption would have gone through.

    One final point, it seems strange that in Woody’s entire life no other child or woman ever accused him of child abuse. Child abusers generally have a long track record of abuse. Woody would be a great target for a financial settlement since he’s rich and he’s already been accused. But, no one comes forward to collect.

  4. I am not printing some of what you wrote. It is anti-Semitic. I do hope the ignoramuses in your family figure out who you are and what you think about them. You are completely ridiculous. And sad. I hope not everyone in the Hudson Valley feels that way. Oy vey!

  5. I know in advance that my remarks will be misconstrued as anti-Semitic, however, they’re not. I’m married into a Jewish family (many years) and Roger Friedman’s blind defense of Woody Allen strikes me as the same sort of prejudicial defensiveness that a couple of the ignoramuses in my otherwise wonderful family exhibit. Of course, it’s not only within my family and it’s not exclusive to Jews. But I do recognize the obtuseness that Mr. Friedman is displaying for what it is and have no intention of pretending that I don’t.


    Roger Friedman’s vigilanteism against Mia Farrow is boring because it’s so damned predictably familiar.

    I don’t expect my comment to be printed, none of my others that breathed a word of doubt against Friedman’s hero, Woody Allen, have been. But maybe – just maybe – he’ll read this and have some sort of confrontation w/the truth.

  6. Please get the facts straight. Mia and Allen were never married. SoonYi was never Allen’s step daughter. And there were no accusations until Allen and Mia broke up. In other words until Mia was angry and vengeful. Unfortunately many women make these accusations when it suits them.

  7. <ia Farrow is just an angry woman that lost her husband when he fell in love with someone else. Mia learn to deal with reality and stop using your kids for your vengeful acts, it is actually kinda sad after all these years you still cant get past being dumped.

  8. Farrow did file a police report. The DA went so far as to say he thought there was probable cause though he declined to go forward with the case. It’s hard to win a criminal case like this where there is no physical evidence and it comes down to a child’s word vs an adult. There’s a lot more here I think than just the bitter rantings of an ex-wife. Let’s not forget that nude photos of a 20 year old step-daughter were found in Allen’s house. That alone is pretty reprehensible.

  9. Very good, level-headed article, thank you.

    “It’s not that I don’t believe Dylan Farrow, or sympathize with her pain. I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t.”

    This is what those mad Woody Allen haters who want to burn him at the stake will never understand.

  10. This was a smear piece on Mia Farrow. Really, no chance of Ronan being Frank Sinatras’? Have you looked at Ronan compared to Frank and Woody? He looks like a younger Frank, nothing like Woody. Also, Mia intended on prosecuting but the prosecutor’s case was based solely on Dylan’s testimony alone (an 8 yr old at the time). They didn’t think putting a child through that without a strong case for conviction was worth the damage testifying could cause. Now that Dylan is older do you think she is lying? Why? Why would she lie all this time? If Mia is this vile and vindictive don’t you think her kids would see through it at this point?

    You’re right to question the journalists objectivity but there was nothing about the article that struck me as not objective. This article was less objective.

    Hollywood likes to preach to America about guns, racism, sexism, and homosexuality. Yet with people with like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen they overlook the obvious signs and ignore what’s right in front of them because they do a good job telling an actor what face to make. People like Corey Haim have tried to explain what really goes on but Hollywood refuses to listen.

  11. I think that Woody Allen is guilty as sin. How many people remember when this first came out? Well I do. And I remember the police wanted to prosecute him. However for the sake of a 7 year old girl not having to testify Mia decided not to. He may be a brilliant director that is true. But as a man he is a total failure. There is something about him that screams whack job. He looks like a man who talks to himself and answers himself on a daily basis. I feel sorry for the entire family…but not for him, never for him.

  12. This article is dubious on many levels but some of it is mystifying — “…. suggesting that her son Ronan might be Frank Sinatra’s kid, and not Woody’s. It’s not possible, of course.” What does the author know that makes it “not possible, course”? Ronan Farrow was born in 1987 and Frank Sinatra died in 1998 – does Mr Friedman know something (and assume we know too) about Mr Sinatra?

  13. I think this article is on point. I wrote a scathing comment on yahoo about my disbelief of Mia manipulating her children because of Allen’s involvement with Soon Yi and this article hit on a lot of what I wrote. What I didn’t include in my commentary is what prompted Dylan to come forward after all this time and how did it get into the New York Post. Thanks for answering that one and it dove tails nicely with Ms. Farrow’s manipulative ways. Still pulling the strings of her children. I all makes sense now. I think it awful that she attacked Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin. They didn’t molest her children, why attack them? And it is just as this article suggest Mia is insanely jealous of Allen’s continued success in spite of her half ass attack towards him. I wish her son Moses would speak out this would be the time to do it. Yes a lot of you don’t know that Moses has reconciled with Allen and Soon Yi and realized he’d been brainwashed by Mia Farrow. Check it out for yourselves. Better yet. Ask Mia where her son Moses is.

  14. It’s obviously a smear campaign and it was disproved years ago by medical and psych doctors. If he assaulted her there would have been physical evidence. It’s a crime to misuse the public’s sympathies this way as well. Using your children the way that Mia does for some sick manipulation is wrong. Perhaps it was her brother, a convicted pedophile that she is referring to – perhaps he molested Mia? Why on earth if Dylan was living under an assumed name to protect herself – would they post a photo and then tweet other photos. I feel sorry for the people who can’t discern the truth for themselves.

  15. Woody Allen PASSED a lie detector test after he was accused of sexual abuse by Mia Farrow and her daughter in the early 1990s. Mia REFUSED to take a lie detector test.

    Back in the late 1960’s & early 1970s, Mia had an affair with Andre Previn while he was still married to Dory Previn. This affair and Mia’s pregnancy by Andre ended the Previn’s marriage. Dory wrote a song in the early 1970s “With My Daddy in the Attic,” which tells of a girl’s sexual fantasy about having sex with her father in an attic.

    Do you really think there’s no connection? It’s as close to a script for the accusation against Woody as you can get.

    Dory had considered Mia a close friend. She later wrote another song “Beware of Young Girls” about Mia’s betrayal and affair with her husband.

    It also appears Mia was having an affair with Frank Sinatra while she was married to Woody and passed her son, Ronan, off as Woody’s son. But, take a look at pictures of Ronan. He looks so much like Frank Sinatra that you almost expect him to start singing “New York, New York” at any minute.

    The only scandal about Woody Allen in his life and career that I have ever heard is always linked to Mia Farrow.

  16. i don’t think Mia Farrow is so crazy that she would keeping an on-going campaign against Woody Allen if it was just a thing of her breakup with Woody Allen. The only thing that would keep this going for this many decades is something so awful as Hollywood continuing to give awards to a child sex abuser. Who is financially helping Woody Allen to continue to produce movies is what I would like to know? They need to be held accountable also.

  17. Woody Allen, Hollywood’s Favorite Old Pervert

    No one could really know what was going through the mind of 78 year old Woody Allen when Ronan Farrow sarcastically tweeted immediately following last month’s 71st Golden Globes Awards show.

    After Allen received the Cemind of 78 year old Woody Allen when Ronan Farrow sarcastically tweeted immediately following last month’s 71st Golden Globes Awards show.

    After Allen received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement, Farrow went on Twitter to tweet, “Missed the Woody Allen tribute–did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her at age 7 before or after Annie Hall?”

    As per habit, Allen didn’t show up for his umpteenth award and dispatched one his idolators, former live-in Diane Keaton of Annie Hall fame, to pick it up.

    What Mr. Farrow was thinking in that tweet is pretty obvious, intense musings surely shared by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and, indeed, by all of Hollywood who knew very well what he meant and none of whom saw fit to comment–or refute. After all, Woody Allen is a living treasure, an unparalled icon in Tinsel Town, and who would dare to be so presumptive as to cite him as a serial child molestor?

    Bestowed by the Golden Globes for ”outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment,” the Cecil B. DeMille Award is clearly not based on a recipient’s character and integrity any more than character and integrity influence Oscar nominations.

    Accusations: Dylan Farrow has Similarly, no one can really know what Allen was thinking after he read the account of the former 7 year old, Ronan’s molested woman, published in the New York Times, an open letter written by none other than Ronan’s sister Dylan Farrow, Allen’s reputed biological daughter.

    Like the weather, everyone seems to talk about child sex abuse but few people ever do anything about it, least of all in Hollywood where serial pedophilia is virtually endemic. (See “Woody Allen’s Bloodied Hands and Bloodied Children,” http://tinyurl.com/klzee4h and “Hooray for Hollywood Pedophiles,” http://tinyurl.com/nxy7jbf.)

    Farrow’s tweet was quickly dismissed by such Allen-Twitter loyalists as Antonio Vantaggiato who wrote, ”Sorry to hear @RonanFarrow’s rage, and @thelist which fuels it, but Woody is one of the greatest film directors and deserved the tribute,” in essence saying, “So what if he’s a child predator!” . . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=35502.)

  18. Pretty disgraceful article…playing the “we don’t know what we don’t know” card. Woody Allen is a man who married the stepdaughter of his former wife. That is just PERVERSE. He’s clearly a very confused man, and you have multiple family sources saying this…yet you frame the article in a way as to attack Mia Farrow and raise suspicion.

    She has every reason to despise Woody Allen. He married her stepdaughter!! Does that even resonate with you? And she contends (along with her children) that he sexually assaulted their children! And you expect her to be civil? You paint her as manipulative? My God you are a ridiculous man. He should be tried in a court of law over these accusations but unfortunately it’s too late for that.

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