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There was a time, long ago, when Britney Spears did sell albums. Back in 1999, she sold 12 million of them from her debut CD. In consequent years, Spears sold 10 million, then 7 million. But tastes change- ask Justin Bieber. The audience grows up. And now Britney has a stinker on her hands.

“Britney Jean,” released November 29, 2013 is dead. RIP. The CD has sold a total of 209,000 copies through this week. Soundscan supplied the numbers. Last week, it moved 15,000 units. It spawned no hits and now it’s gone.

Spears is 31 and just made her debut in Las Vegas.

At least we know her sales figures. Justin Bieber, as I wrote earlier, didn’t even bother submitting his “Journals” album to Soundscan. No one knows how few copies it sold.

Britney’s last album, “Femme Fatale,” did sell 769,ooo in the US. She may get one more shot a record with Sony before she shuffles off to her own label with indie distribution. The party is pretty much over.

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  1. Her first and second album have actually sold over 20 million albums each (…Baby One More Time is still the best selling album by a teenage artist with over 25 million sold). She has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

  2. Britney is far from finished. True, it is true she been in the game 15 years and this is her first major album low. so What?!! She is an icon, it happens. Everyone goes through it at some point.I do believe that her management team however should have promoted Britney jean more instead of putting the main focus on the piece of me show. She still winning awards and nominations, selling out the arena, her perfume line,and looking beautiful. She WILL succeed. I’m her biggest fan and i believe that if she takes a break and draws close to God and her family then she will be happier wonderful. No, shade but it’s time for will.i.am to slow his roll.

  3. 15 years later and she’s having her first album flop? I wouldn’t say that is a bad thing. And I certainly wouldn’t give the idea that ‘the party is over’. Her Vegas shows just began, and have thus far been completely sold out. Major media outlets are giving it great reviews, and fans are of course in love and are already admitting visiting Vegas multiple times while she is there. She is still winning awards, selling out arenas, and inking 15+ million dollar deals. The party is far from over, she just needs to PROMOTE for her next album, something she did not do for Britney Jean, all of her promo was for Vegas.

  4. Britney Jean 209000 copies with no promotion seems good if we compare it with ARTFLOP (Artpop), with tons of promotion Artpop sales is just 500000………..

    I think she should Re-Release this Album with some new traxks like katy perry did with teenage dream

  5. Except that “Work BItch” was a hit – a moderate hit, but a hit nonetheless. And nearly everyone is suffering poor album sales because DUH – this isn’t just a Britney trend. Way to over-analyze, man.

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