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Lady Gaga and her loyal manager Troy Carter are over. The reason is “creative differences.” Carter literally created Gaga’s career in 2007, got her a multi zillion dollar deal at Interscope, and helped hatch her from that egg she appears in. I am told by friends that Carter was cut out of the ARTPop album campaign. and that Gaga has refused advice. “She doesn’t take direction anymore,” a source told me.

troy carterThis all culminated in last night’s train wreck of an appearance at the YouTube Awards. Millions of people tuned out as Gaga appeared in darkness singing a terrible ballad called “Dope.” It’s one of three songs on ARTPop with references to drugs, not smart for her young audience. As well, Gaga apparently left a couple of what I’m told were “great” songs off ARTPop that could have been hits. (One of them was a song I featured here a few months ago, a duet with Cher.)

But this is what happens when a “star” believes they are too big to take guidance. What a shame. Carter manages John Legend and other artists, so he will be fine. Gaga, however, has problems on the horizon. Last night’s outing was a nightmare. She cried and carried on, and even her most fanatic fans didn’t know what was going on. “ARTPop” is released in one week– November 11th. It’s had a flurry of leaked singles but no focus or direction. Remember how clear the “Born this Way”  campaign was? “ARTPop” is all over the place. And that may be reflected in its initial sales.

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  1. Fame Monster is also cannibalistic…
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  2. Looks like Gaga may be following the path of Michael Jackson, minus the unsavory personal stuff. Jackson also was exceptionally talented and in the 1980s had a manager and team that actually looked out for him. When he broke away from these associates, he ended up being surrounded by people who were vultures.

  3. This woman has absolutely no talent, everyone just wants to gawk at her to see how each time she appears she tries to be more ridiculous than the time before. She is just a circus sideshow. It’s the same appeal with that honey boo boo kid, come on really? Everyone goes to the race track to watch cars run in a circle for hours and hours…. they don’t go for the excitement of the finish, or the wrecks…. People want to see Lindsay Lohan and Justin Beiber now, because of the train wrecks they have become.

  4. Lady ‘has been’ needs to sit down and reflect on why she has been flopping lately. One of the most obvious reasons would be her striving ego and the large number of “yes men” surrounding her telling her that she is the best and does no wrong *coughs*

    She’s probably drowned in her own delusion and narcissism thinking she is a musical phenomenon to the extent that she should get rid of EVERYONE who mold her into the pop star she is today. Rehab is probably calling.

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. And if ARTPOP doesn’t do well, she has herself and her team to blame for overhyping a lacklustre album. She thinks she makes great music. She thinks she’s artistic. She thinks she “creates” art when she takes ideas from other artistes.

    Oh Stefani. You’re just a poor little whiny rich girl who got turned into a manufactured pop star and have a group of people + yourself to create generic pop music with no quality yet lost in the illusion thinking they’re revolutionary/high art.

    And if Stefani’s such an avid follower of Andy Warhol, she should understand that her 15 minutes are almost up.

  5. The start of the downfall for one of the worlds great skanks and Ho’s, it could not have happened to a better skank than this Lady Gaga, if all you do is write songs about drugs and how to morally bankrupt yourself, than you deserve what you get. This Ho has her money, she should just go off into the sunset and spend what she earned and live her life without ruining the lives of other young women. Goodby, most of us could care less if we ever hear from her again.

  6. Say what you want, she’s one of the few artists who can actually sing live and puts on a performance! She has high energy shows and puts lot of effort in it, and don’t forget the many people who actually still live because of her. A LOT of them would have committed suicide if she wasn’t here..

  7. If this is what passes for music these days it’s no wonder the industry is dying. Much like Hollywood, the music industry has shown itself to be bereft of creativity and talent.

    Just say, “No!” kids. Just say no.

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