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Lisa Marie Presley is a name you hear in Memphis quite a lot. Tonight (Saturday) she’s performing at an outdoor venue right at the same the massive Blues Ball is taking place across town. Her show’s ticket price was cut from $500 to $300– and the reason given wasn’t that sales were slow but because LMP “wanted more people to be able to afford it.” Whatever.

More imporantly, the event tonight is significant because it’s not for anything to do with Scientology. “She’s out,” a local music insider  confirmed to last night. The concert at the Levitt Shell is free because it’s the place where Elvis Presley got his start in the 1950s. But afterward comes the Presley fundraiser at Graceland with a tour, a Q&A, and a photo session. That’s what the $300 buys. “A percentage” of the money goes to WorldVision, dubbed LMP’s official charity partner of this tour.

And no, WorldVision has nothing to do with Scientology, Barbara Walters’s new approved cult. They bill themselves as “an Evangelical Christian Humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.”

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