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UPDATE: 9am: Well, the story has taken off, of course. The Twitter account is gone. Again, I don’t think it’s possible that anyone was Tweeting from James Gandolfini’s funeral. I do believe Alec’s story that they left early. It was extremely hot in the church, there wasn’t even a breeze. It’s more than likely they departed through the side door.

UPDATE 3am: Alec Baldwin‘s account has been removed from Twitter after his diatribe against a Daily Mail reporter dropped F bombs like he was the Enola Gay over Hiroshima. I don’t blame him for being angry, but he just over does it. Some of the Tweets remain in their non-formatted state below.

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EARLIER: In the last few minutes (10:44pm EST) Alec Baldwin has gone bat-shit crazy on Twitter against a Daily Mail reporter. Baldwin is FURIOUS with someone named George Stark who published a piece in the Mail Online about his wife, Hilaria, herself Tweeting allegedly during James Gandolfini’s funeral. I’m kind of laughing, and it’s all kind of sad. For one thing, I saw the Baldwins at the funeral. I don’t think she was doing any such thing. No one in that church was on a phone. It would have been too upsetting and obvious; we were also sitting like sardines. I just don’t believe it. Also, I ran into the Baldwins when I was walking home the other night. They were genuinely very sad about Gandolfini. In one of these Tweets, Alec writes: “How much of this shit are people supposed to take? With these fucking blatant lies EVERY DAY.” He’s right. But he’s got to learn to cool it somehow.




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  1. Baldwin needs to seriously get over himself. What a loser. He definitely needs a better therapist and some strong meds, like Prozak. It is actually funny to watch him loose his temper and watch his blood pressure go up. What a serious mess. I am sure that his Broadway show closed because no one wanted to support his poor public behavior. Shia LaBouef left the show during rehearsals because he couldn’t stand working with him. If he continues this behavior, eventually he will get no work and be blacklisted.

  2. I wonder if they will chain Alex to the floor at his trial, like the Colorado “Joker?”

    “Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes will be restrained during his trial by wearing a harness under his clothes that will be anchored to the floor, the judge said Thursday.”

  3. No Alec don’t deleat your twitter account! We love seeing you as the unstable psycho you really are!! Come on, we’re filing these away so if you ever want to take your liberal nutjob ideas into a position in public office we can remind everyone what a loose cannon you really are!

  4. I wonder how Alec Baldwin retains his endorsements and his announcing career for the New York Philharmonic. He seems immune from the consequences of his misogynistic rants, probably because he is on the “right” side of political issues. Paula Deen could learn from him.

  5. Yeah…Baldwin is a real toughguy. Hey Alec, answer this and I’ll send you my email address..so I can insult your dumbazz, then you can threaten me, I will INVITE you to my house../.just so I can kick the living crap out of you. You see, that’s the problem, he NEEDS a good azzwhipping so he will keep his Alligator mouth from running off with his Hummingbird ass.

  6. Baldwin is a homophobe, a mysoginist, a creep, and probably judging from his lack of character, an anti-Semite (Although I’m sure he keeps that side of his personality well hidden). Why is he tolerated when others in Media/Entertainment are not? OH, because Hollywood, New Media, and the Press are chock-full of hypocrites. Now I understand why Alec Baldwin continues.

  7. TX nab in jail for making a much less violent response while playing a game. Why is Baldwin not arrested for violent threats? Where is equal justice?

  8. I’ve thought for some time Alec Baldwyn is an unequivocal Pig. IMO He looks and acts like bad male morning breath smells. Disgusting but…..one can’t continually go this route without getting their clock cleaned every now and again. As my Special Ops Brother says to me, Sis, any guy who thinks they’re bad, they have a way of finding someone badder. And Baldwyn’s behavior fits this statement like a glove. He’s going to go off on the wrong person soon and we get to watch the results. I guess your daughter wasn’t enough huh Alec who will forever be known as your little Piggy, huh you BM of a human being.

  9. Capital One should fire this guy, this isn’t the first time he’s gone off on someone with inappropriate remarks.
    It doesn’t matter whether his wife used a phone or not, it’s his reaction to the report that is inexcusable.
    Paula Deen gets fired for something she said 30 years ago, what is capital one going to do about the gay slur and threats this buffoon made?
    Bye bye Alec or bye bye capital one, every person, especially the gay community, should cut up their capital one cards and send them back to the company.

  10. What a lot of people don’t understand is that you can queue up tweets far in advance, I use bufferapp.com to do that all the time and if you don’t think about it they could run during an inappropriate time and make you look like you are tweeting when its really just a scheduled tweet. Then if you have a social media manager or assistant that does some of that for you, lots of celebs do, it could look like you personally are tweeting when you aren’t. Not a lot of evidence that she did personally tweet during the funeral.

  11. baldwin is insane. this goes back to his diatribes against his ex wife and his daughter. he is a megalomaniac and has even said he considers himself mayor of new york material. he never stops bullying and threatening. i don’t think he has had a serene day in many many years. i feel sorry for him in certain ways–he is, after all, so troubled–but i believe he is a menace.


  13. Roger, Baldwin has an anger management problem that for some insane reason many like yourself want to ignore, while celebs like Mel Gibson or Paula Deen get destroyed upon the mere mention of their names. Why is that? Baldwin has threatened his ex and his daughter, he has assaulted photogs, verbally abused women, and now he’s called on his ‘followers’ to seek out a reporter for retribution. And you say he’s just over reacting? Is it Baldwin’s politics that get him a pass? Is it his religion or lack of public devotion to one? For that matter, why does Chris Brown get excused for his misogynistic violence, because he’s black? Seriously, I’d like to know what it is that I need to do or be so that I can treat everyone I meant like they’re a lowly piece of shit without a worry.

  14. Why does Baldwin make homophobic remarks about this man? Boot up your asssss, as if being gay is a bad thing??? Where’s the outrage from the rainbow flag crowd, rosie/ellen, is this OK that baldwin disperages another man by insinuating he is gay???

  15. he is such a tough guy.what a durka this a-hole is
    first he ranted a hissy fit about how he would move out of the US when bush was elected, over and over again to no avail. Such a empty headed durka, just a c- actor who couldn’t construct an origional thought without the F word used as every other word .( just read this article as proof) Just doing what he has done all his impotant life is repeat lines written by ultmatly brighter people than he will ever be. OH! his best role? Durka- Durka-Durka there Film-Actors-Guild leader; durka, durka Hey here is a thought move to N Korea Alic you promased us, but as usual can not see it through durka durka Film Actor Guild

  16. I thought he was going to leave this country in disgust if George W. won re-election. So how come this loudmouth lout is still here??? I was hoping back then to deplete the abundant liberal populace by at least one!

  17. Alec needs to learn to control his temper. But then, when you’re a leftist elitist, you own the world, right? So you can be as mean and intemperate as you want, because after all, as a ruling leftist elite who owns the world, why should you care about anyone else?

  18. Wow Friedman; can you defend this worthless POS any more?

    BTW, interesting historical fact that is not well known..

    The Enola Gay only dropped one atomic bomb on Hiroshima but I’m sure liberals would have no problem changing history to make it a carpet bombing attack with dozens of atomic weapons.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, the bomber “Ebola Gay” was not gay.I know liberals fret over the aspect that a gay plane dropped the first atomic bomb.

    History aside, it does not change the fact that Baldwin is an unstable, ultra hypocritical dirt bag.

  19. I’m sick and tired of seeing Baldwin’s face every commercial break. He’s way overexposed. But maybe he’s a perfect salesman for the 1% who love Big Banks.

  20. Alex……get back on your meds Son. Oh, and BTW……..when exactly are you moving to France? Need any help boxing up your crap and gettin’ to the airport?? Ya gotta promise to not have a meltdown on the way though!!

  21. Sounds to me like the same people who are persecuting Randy Quaid and who killed Michael Jackson and Tupac are turning on Alec like they did to Mel Gibson as well. Perhaps Alec has decided not to use his acting to influence millions in a negative way. Or maybe he is just sick of feeling controlled by lesser men. Who knows, but the fact he dropped his publicist is telling. Perhaps he has learned not to trust them, managers, or pretty much anyone in Hollywood!

  22. Guy is going to blow a stroke. Either too much caffeine, or serious anger issues. Chill Alex; it’s the game. Celebrity has its benefits, but you have to learn to ignore the pundits. This reporter, whom I have never heard of, obtained his 15 seconds of fame – because of you.

  23. In light of Paula Deen’s reprimand, Alec should lose his TV show and endorsements for his gay slurs, but some how I doubt it will happen, the left loves him way too much. What a double standard.

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