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Don’t believe these new stories about Jay Leno v. NBC being about criticism of his network jokes. Last night Leno called NBC executives “Snakes” in his monologue (see video). And it wasn’t because NBC chief Robert Greenblatt recently emailed Leno about jokes criticizing the network’s lousy ratings. This is ALL about NBC putting out the word recently that it wants to retire Leno at the end of the 2014 season and replace him with the younger Jimmy Fallon. Leno is an ace game player and knows exactly what he’s doing. When the Fallon story became absolutely HUGE ten days ago, he did not respond right away on his show.

Instead, he started taking pot shots at the network. The New York Times reported that Greenblatt sent Leno an email asking him to knock it off. Of course, that story was leaked.

And now this: “You know the legend of St. Patrick, right? St Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Then they came into the United States and became NBC executives.” Leno vs. NBC is going to go one for a year and change now. Get ready.

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  1. As a follow up to my previous post, Why are people on this thread turning this into a political issue. Weather or not he makes jokes about the president is irrelevant. The jokes aren’t funny, period. I don’t care who you support or don’t support. For you Obama haters, if he made jokes about Obama and they were funny and issue timely then so be it, but they aren’t funny. For you conservatives, if he did jokes about liberals and they were funny then great, we all can laugh but HE’S JUST NOT FUNNY!! And that’s what the issue should be, his entertainment value. I don’t care if they get Rush Limbaugh to replace him and he bashes the President for 90 minutes straight and talks about all the Welfare and Medicare users and all the “takers” in this country, as long as it’s funny then so what, its jokes. When you start to say comedians are some how the moral compass we should listen to for more than their comedic value then there’s a problem. And come on now, really, that Street Walker crap, where we see the stupid side of our country, that needs to go. That doesn’t make either side look good now does it? Plus, he stole that from Howard Stern.

  2. Leno is not funny, never was. He has nerve calling someone else a snake after what he did to both Letterman and Conan. He’s corny, unimaginative and boring. He makes fun of NBC’s ratings and he’s the biggest reason people don’t watch NBC. Put Fallon in now and maybe they can salvage the Tonight Show.

  3. Jay is the only late night show I will watch. If NBC aka Nazi Broadcasting Company gets rid of Jay, I hope FOX will pick him up. Jay is killing all the rest of the LOSER Late Night Talk Shows. David Stupidman is the worst talk show ever to hit the airways.

  4. Conservative Monologues? I’d hate to see what you think is a “moderate” monologues. But maybe you’re on to something. It could be that we are seeing what happens when a comedian dares to make a joke or two about our dear leader even though Leno made far more jokes about Bush over the years.

  5. Leno’s monologues aren’t as anti conservative as Letterman’s. Personally I would watch Leno over Letterman or any of the other late night losers. Leno seems to be the most non-threatening to conservatives.

    Personally I love when any host does the stupid moron on the street bit, it’s just highlighting the fact that the liberal establishment has been successful in dumbing down the low info voters/freestuff army people. The fundamental transformation is complete. At least we know what we’re up against.

  6. So viewers don’t like some segments of Jay’s show, where he shows off the ignorance of the average person on the street or criticizing NBC Management, #1 Don’t tune in! #2 NBC Management is far more ignorant than Jay gives them credit for..

  7. NBC has made several missteps with their late night programming over the years. They screwed up the transition from the Johnny Carson era with the whole Jay vs Dave thing. Then they gave Conan O’Brien the Tonight Show and moved Jay to 10pm, only to switch things back again in less than a year. Now this, telegraphing their plan to put Jay out to pasture permanently. I hope Jay rakes NBC over the coals nightly for this. And Jay is the only late night host to let the occasional Obama joke into his monologue. Give ’em hell, Jay.

  8. Is there anyone who actually watches Leno and Letterman anymore? These “entertainers” have to remember that 50% of the viewing public is not a bunch of Liberal lunkheads. They can yuck it up all they want by bashing the Republican Party, Tea Party, Libertarians, and Conservatives. However, they are also attacking 1/2 of the audience…those of us with money, not government assistance, are wise enough to turn of our televisions when their theme music blares. Advertisers have to realize this as well.

  9. He’s not as much a conservative basher as most other talk hosts… I heard several Obama bashing jokes… Go to mrc if you want anti-liberal views.

  10. “And yet no talent has-beens like Letterman continue.”

    Odds are that management’s condoning and enabling of Letterman’s sexual abuse of interns was because executives at the network were doing the same.

    How Letterman kept a job and wasn’t appropriately rebuked by the media for being a letch is a testemant to how crooked things are. Suck up to the right people, display the right politics on your sleeve, keep some blackmail material in your desk drawer, and voila! You can get away with anything.

  11. Letterman is nasty and disgusting as always. Conan was good but a liberal just the same. I’ve never watched Fallon but just as liberal as Jimmy K. I’m sure. If Leno can force the issue he too can come away with 40 million for contract issues like Conan. Late night has never been so boring with the same points of view and jokes that are just not that funny. America has lost it’s sense of humor along with a great deal more. When honest humor could bring a laugh the lack of opportunity and freedom has diminished the take lightly attitude. Most of us kept in crisis mode by this administration can find little to laugh about while being under attack 24-7 by this liberal bunch.

  12. Everyone knows the deviants running Hollywood are sick liberals. The whole world is finally getting tired of ALL the Hollywood degenerates.

  13. Those Jay Walking segments are exactly what this country needs to see, just how stupid people are in this country, That segment makes you wonder just how do these idiots remember to feed themselves let alone remember how to breath. Sorry but this is exactly what Americans needs to see. Being stupid in this country should not lead to a life of celebrity, but one of admonishment.

  14. I admit to not watching Leno very much over the last year. I will immediately start to watch again to listen to the Nothing But Crap jokes. I remember when Johnny Carson did this same bashing to NBC and GE.

  15. Jay is the one small voice on NBC that dares to speak truth to power and to actually occasionally call out the POS bastard president we have for his lies and abuse of power.

  16. Leno can be pretty funny, especially in his stand up act where he’s not subject to network standards and practices, but he’s a pit bull when it comes to his livelihood. He’s not leaving before his contract is up unless the execs can find a reason to fire him.

    Conan should have replaced him though, but those NBC execs botched that one almost as bad as New Coke.

  17. please let Jimmy Fallon replace Leno. I have tuned out Jay years ago and putting Jimmy on earlier would be great. I don’t think Jay even listens/cares about anyone he’s interviewing.

  18. Love Jay-His comments are spot on. Letterman is an idiot and see no one in the wings to compete with Jay. Letterman hangs on because he draws the dregs of our society today as an audience,liberal,gay.doper,mixed-race, government assisted types who, if left on theeir own would perish from the earth. !! Now that’s an idea! Abolish welfare/SNAP/Medicare and have to work for it and see what happens.

  19. Jay Walking is probably the last honest journalism left in the United States and they should hire Jay to do it even if they retire him from the show.

    A vampire can’t see his own reflection, either. The U.S. needs to know they are some of the dumbest people on earth so they will ask the question, “How do governments treat people they know are this dumb?” History says they’ll usually start by taking their guns away, preparatory to genociding them.

  20. Leno jokes have always been mean jokes. He is not funny and it’s about time his ulra conservative ass was off the air. Leno sucks. Headlines are the only part of his show thats funny and its too bad with all the ‘funny ‘ comedians. Hoq=w about Jerry Seinfield as a host OR mltitute of guest hosts till they find a good one. NBC Execs should fix their network too many stupid not funny showa, They went with cheap reality crap and got crap.
    The old adage Garbage In = Garbage out

  21. When the punch line needs to be said two times for every joke who is the intended audience? When the punch line needs to be said two times for every joke who is the intended audience?

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