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Remember Ray Dalio? The man who runs the $80 billion Bridgewater Hedge Fund was recently profiled in Forbes. And I told you that Dalio is also a fan of Jennifer Lopez–he funds her charity–and a heavy contributor to director David Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation charity. (And you thought his mantra was just ‘money, money money’.)

Now Dalio’s son, Paul, a TV producer at the David Lynch Foundation, is now getting ready to make his debut as a  feature director with a film called “Mania Days.” And the producer of the film is, of all people, Spike Lee. ‘Producer’ is not executive producer–Spike isn’t coming up with the money. But according to a production sheet that went out on Friday, Spike is going to be overseeing Dalio’s film on a hands-on basis, which he rarely does for films other than his own. Dalio, like Lee, is a graduate of the NYU Film School.

Dalio wrote and directed the film about a manic depressive rapper who gets involved with a manic depressive poet in a passionate affair that results in a pregnancy. There’s no word on who’s financing “Mania Days,” but all things considered, it shouldn’t be hard to find the money. His mom is loaded, too–she’s a direct descendant of the Vanderbilt-Whitney families, making Paul a cousin, by the way, of Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Paul Dalio’s previous credits include  a short film called “The Order” about  “Sam, a major driver behind economic policy, devises a plan to get the country out of a depression by harnessing the power behind people’s desires for conflict.” He also co-wrote a feature called “Faith, Love and Whiskey,” that was shot in Bulgaria and shown in January at the alternative Slamdance Film Festival. In February, Dalio married the director-star of the film, Kristina Nikolova.

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