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Well, I should have written this two days ago when I knew it. But no one at Penguin called me back. Anyway, they’ve signed Damien Echols of the “West Memphis Three” to write a memoir which will be published in September 2012. Echols told me about it at the premiere of “Paradise Lost 3” the other night but the Penguin people kept the story on ice. Oh well. Echols and his wife Laurie Davis are now in New Zealand, as I reported before, with director Peter Jackson. There’s talk that Jackson is giving Echols a small role in “The Hobbit” while the couple is there. Why not? After 17 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, Echols can have anything he wants. Echols has self published another book you can find on amazon.com from a few years ago. Comedian actress Margaret Cho was responsible for that one. Echols is not the only member of the West Memphis Three. There’s a fund to help the other guys, and they need it.  You can find it at http://www.wm3.org/

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  1. I have always related to and admired damion and Jason! I have followed their case since I graduated high school in 1993..from Oklahoma. Lori Davis is so blessed!

  2. Finally, another chance at life for these men. I truly believe in their innocence. Echols’ previous book, published in 2005, is also a “must read.”
    Kudos to Lorri Davis for her love and support of Echols.

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