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Is Lady Gaga really “Born this Way”? After a spectacular first week of sales, with almost 1.2 million copies of her CD and downloads sold, the second week shows a big fall off. “Born this Way” sold only 169,387 copies last week. That’s a drop of 85% from the first week. It’s important to remember that 440,000 of those first week sales were only for 99 cents. So the fall off is really less, I guess. But if we stick the official numbers, “Born this Way” is in swift decline.

Compare that to Adele, who “21” album was only off 4% last week. That album continues to sell and sell. One reason is that Adele’s album is strong all the way through. It’s unclear what kind of”legs” the Lady Gaga collection really has: so far it’s spawned just one real hit, the title track. The rest of the album is monotonous. Watching Anderson Cooper’s piece on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday didn’t help.

While Stefani Germanotta is confident and smart, she is also overbearing. The costumes. the pretense, the posing to be more Madonna than Madonna–it’s too much. Gaga believes more is more. This may play her out very quickly. She’s reinventing herself at the speed of ADD. Quite clearly, the songs don’t matter-it’s the statement, the look, the attitude. Her supporters argue that she sings and actually plays the piano and writes songs. But that’s getting lost. If sales drop again next week by huge numbers, Lady Gaga may have to lose the egg.

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  2. Lady Gaga has a 2 octave voice. That makes her a MEDIOCRE singer compared to other 4-5 octave singers in the industry. Her piano playing is OK and her lyrics are completely juvenile. She is multi-talented ambut if you stand those 3 talents alone, she is mediocre at all 3 of them. She is completely unoriginal. She has ripped off AT LEAST 20 artists. She is a package. She never used to sing dan r music. Her team created Lady Gaga. People give her entirely too much credit. She is beyond OVERRATED.

  3. Wow, whether you think she is talented or not, these types of posts prove something else. So many people today are so mean spirited and quick to slam others. It makes me sad to hear discussions that go beyond constructive criticism and delve into cruelty and border on jealousy and spite. I also find it interesting that the most critical people (using language that makes me think they might have been the school bullies) can’t put together simple sentences or spell correctly or prove through the written word that they have enough education and intelligence to make their points valid. We seem to have gone beyond intelligent conversation and debate and have sprialed downward into finding easy to demean others in insulting ways since it is so easy to hide behind the computer screen. Sad, folks, just plain sad.

  4. Here’s the problem as I see it (as a financial analyst who also runs a record label) and I don’t have an answer. Gaga has 10 million twitter followers, and 36 million “fans” on Facebook. Her first week she only moved 1.1 million units, of which 440,000 were for 99 cents on Amazon. Gaga is probably the most visible entertainer at this time. Why is it that only 10% of her twitter followers (or 3% of her Facebook fans) made a purchase, especially when the download was available for 99 cents? I personally was shocked that the number was this low after she had already released three videos prior to the albums’ release. Does these mean that the Twitter and Facebook popularity numbers are bogus? Does this mean that the rumors are true that her record label has a room set up with a bank of computers setting her up with phony fans and followers like Tila Tequila did with Myspace? Remember when Tila had 4 million friends and sold 15,000 downloads? Methinks they doth promote too much.

  5. I think letting Haley Reinhart sing one of her unreleased songs (You And I) on American Idol then performing it herself on A.I was not smart. Reinhart came out and sang the song straight up no gimics and made it sound great. GaGa sang it in a black leather bikini and frankly it sounded like crap compared to Reinharts rendition. Dumb move GaGa!!

  6. “Bring me a girl, they’re always the best , you put em on stage and you have them undress”. from Joe / Last DJ – Tom Petty ( a real artist / songwriter )

  7. Her gimmick is just a way to distract from the fact that she has no real talent. If she was a talented musician, she wouldn’t need the costumes, eggs or political statements.

  8. Lost in this is the fact that when compared to other singers of her generation Lady G. has an exceptional voice and is a real talent. Listen to her sing just a little of a standard like Someone To Watch Over You and it is fabulous. She can really sign and doesn’t need to lip sync (hello JLo and Britney!).
    She appears to care about her fans and if she perceives they want a slightly
    toned down Gaga she will do it to please those who really adnire her work. Yes, lose the “egg”.

  9. What a shock – HA HA – people are finally realizing that she has no talent and her burst on the scene was just that – short lived, and now that the shock value has worn off, everyone hears that all of her songs sound exactly alike. Bye bye GA GA…

  10. Sound like Lady Gaga really pushed some buttons here. The sad chorus of death threats, misogyny and inverted reality reveal the anxiety she stirs up. I got an idea, if you don’t like it don’t listen, problem solved. Certainly Lady Gaga reflects the culture we live in. But acts cant be pushed on people, their are too many choices. She thrives because she gives people what they want. PS I agree her latest material is a big drop in quality.

  11. Unattractive, and average. She’s not stupid, and she knows that all the “noise” she creates can cover up these inadequacies from the young and naive which is her core audience.

    Yeah, the schtick has been done before in one way or another as far as the costumes go (Elton, Bowie, even Grace Jones) but she’s just not that good.

  12. can we just be honest, she is clown in a clown suit all she needs to complete the outfit is red nose and floppy shoes.

    pop music? ha, I would call it dumb and dumber music. just because something is catchy does not mean there is talent near by.

  13. Who is still around 20+ years later? Stevie Nicks, Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson), Carly Simon….real women of Rock & Roll who didn’t need to publish a book of sex fantasies or wear raw meat or make up like Mr. Spock.

  14. sales dropped bc the new cd sucks. One good tune “HIM” the rest is straight out of the 70 disco club. hell she sound like Donna Summers.

  15. Shauna…fascinating that you say one poster you chastise for their views of “Lady GaGa”: “Use your talent. Make a new statement, be normal.”

    It certainly sounds like something “Lady GaGa” could use as advise! Oh, and make sure the ‘new statement’ is something worthwhile. THAT is worthy of being noted by the performer.

  16. I think guido said it best. She is just a creation of the music industry. She even said herself that they thought she was too “ugly” to make it on her own so they had to find her a gimmick to make people like her. Well, unfortunately, they couldn’t find a gag big enough for her mouth. When she tries to speak politically she comes off ignorant and rambling. The fact that she falling on stage a lot makes people laugh, not feel bad for her and wish her well. Her recent appearance on American Idol and the way she pushed her “hot dog” theory on Scotty was disgusting and people are sick of her. Penis shoes…..c’mon. Grow up. What are you trying to say with that unless it’s that you have no style?

  17. I guess her producers couldn’t sustain buying up all the CDs to promote the illusion of of popularity – Another illuminati stepchild…

  18. Lady Gaga is physically grotesque, which is why she’s always cloaked in feathers, sequins, masks, etc., and she has mediocre singing talent. Her fan base is largely homosexual. She dresses herself up in ridiculous extreme fashions that appeal to the gay community and her political agenda is clear. If it feels good do it. Her song “Born This Way” is the gay anthem. How long can she sustain a career on that?

  19. She got her name from a Queen song, she got her song Born this Way from Madonna’s Respect Yourself, her schtick is straight up Madonna too. The whole shock thing was done years ago. She’s an unattractive, talentless, unoriginal flash-in-the-pan. Adele has more talent in her little finger than Gagme has in her entire overdone persona. Maybe there’s hope for the youth of America after all.

  20. Lady Gaga is talented. She can really sing. She is a great musician. It takes a lot of time and effort to do what she does. She is an entertainer, and don’t think she does not know it. She puts on a show and persona, and I really doubt that she thinks you think she is like that 24-7. Some people stand there and sing, others dance around in crazy costumes. Do not let the act delude you into thinking there is no talent there. Yes, she is following in the footsteps of Madonna, Elton John, etc., but hey…she’s the new generation of extravagance. And very entertaining!

  21. Gaga is not avant-garde or weird, she is a bland, boring, attention-seeking poseur. She has already admitted that everything she does is a calculated manipulation to get more money out of her (gullible) fans. She’s glommed onto the gays and she makes up silly stories about being bullied (poor little rich girl -wahhh!) She’ll cash in on the so-called “outsiders” but she was never one of them.

    The average Gaga fan is not particularly bright or musically savvy, they are easy targets for her to milk. They believe every lie she tells them. (Even the obvious ones- “I don’t lip synch!”) Meh.

    Born This Way is a turd that needs to be flushed.

  22. Thank the alternatives using Apple Ipads for this at all and the rest is mostly to album and concert saturation. At least she did well for musical stuff before this inspite of the internet and cloud music.
    Odd is nobody gets bankrupt after the concert unless the equivalent of the mob is running it and that explain like the music mafia or extreme teamster style unionism.

  23. the lady can realy sing. I first heard her on the radio. Then I saw her on the boob tube. My reaction was that she will disapear just like the purple guy and the guy that sung “Do you realy want to know me”. See I don’t remember his name. She will die away very soon and be a hanger on at the clubs in LA. Why can’t these folks just be normal?

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