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The theme song for Pedro Almodovar’s latest creation should be “When A Man is a Woman.” The film, “The Skin I Live In,” should also be of interest to plastic surgeons and their patients all over the world. Wicked and twisted, the sci fi psychological thriller stars Antonio Banderas as doctor who makes those guys from “Nip/Tuck” look like kindly old Marcus Welby. Basically, the bad bad doc takes out a hideous revenge on his daughter’s presumed rapist. It’s sick and preposterous as only Banderas could maintain the suspended disbelief involved. Luckily Antonio and the beautiful Elena Ayana are terrific and sexy enough to make this tale work.

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  1. This guy is so unbelievable why would he want todo such a thing like plastic surgery isnt he white enough or can’t he find an alternative,that’s just some word of advice,am not trying to criticize anybody,don’t get me wrong,got that, journalist:o

  2. great another sick idea from a psychpathic mind to ‘entertain”? I know, I know, free speach and all that, but it reminds me of the line from jurassic park, “you were so concerned about being able to do this, but you never stopped to think if you ‘should’ do it.

    at least we still have free will and I can not go and pay for criminal ideas shown to my visual and auditory input computer….

    its not just say no, its say
    what? another sicko movie? …blow me.

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