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Yes, it ’tis true.

Try and recall 1999. Hanson was the ruling pop group, sort of three Biebers, if you will.

Michael Jackson was writing songs slowly for the album that became “Invincible.”

Now I’m told by a source who knows such things that Jackson wrote a song for Hanson. He simply never gave it to them. And the demo went into a drawer.

“I Like The Way You Love Me” turns up for real, for the first time, on the “Michael” album coming out on Tuesday. A prior version had floated around among Jackson fans, but the new one was produced and remixed for the new album.

Michael, according to my source, had the idea for Hanson. He wrote the song but never got around to sending it to them, I am told. Maybe they can record it now.

Here’s the existing version, until the new one is released:



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  1. If Michael Jackson wrote a song for Hanson it was because he believed in them… anyway, both are very talented artist in different ways…

  2. I don’t think anyone should be comparing anyone. Not all musicians are the same. But I do agree with most people here, Hanson are a fantastic band and are continuing to make some amazing music!
    @Jessie – Hanson’s survival has earned them the right to take on any song they want – I comepletely agree. People obviously have no idea what the “Hansons” (as some of you like to refer to them) have been through over the years nor what they are up to now! Amazing musicians!

  3. I’m so glad so many people have defended Hanson. They are extremely talented musicians who have proven staying power. I’ve been to several of their live shows and their dedicated fans always pack the house. My musician boyfriend tagged along and told me he felt like he needed to go home and practice because they were just so good. Regarding the Bieber comparison, the journalist was simply comparing their scope. Hanson was HUGE in the 90’s and Bieber is HUGE today. In my eyes, that was all he meant. To be completely fair and honest, Justin Bieber is incredibly talented himself. I took my 14 year sister to his show and I was massively impressed. He plays guitar and drums very well and has a very smooth voice. He may need to work on his attitude, but you can’t deny his talent. To the MJ fans, there is no debate that Michael will always be the King of Pop. There is no need to insult other artist to glorify his name. He is safe and sound in the history books as being one of the greatest artist of all time. He will always be remembered for the beautiful man he was and the great talent God gave him. Chill.

  4. I’m a Hanson fan and intended to go on an all-out hater patrol, blasing that first commenter AND the journalist that dared compare Beiber to Hanson, then I saw the rest of the comments and realized It’s already pretty much handled. Thanks, fellow fansons. I’ll add only this: After 13 years and 5 albums (in a dying industry BTW) Hanson’s survival has earned them the right to take on any song they want. There are few bands out there whose evolution surpasses Hanson’s. If there were a Grammy catagory for “Most Improved Artist” it should absoultely go to them. (No offense to those who also enjoyed their first record)

  5. for anyone saying this song was “saved” from Hanson, don’t judge them based on MMM Bop alone. That’s like saying Michael Jackson is only “Thriller.” I have always loved Michael and always will. And Hanson is awesome. Don’t judge before you listen to their recent music, seriously. And I Waited is an incredible song!

  6. Michael Jackson was a great musician…so, he knew about Hanson great talent. And that’s why someone of his magnitude wrote a song for this band. And please, writers, better increase a little your music culture. If you wanna compare people based on music, you better compare Jacksons Five with Hanson.

  7. Hanson and MJ are my 2 favourite artists. It’s a shame they never got to record this – nice song! For those people who don’t know Hanson are still amazing check out their website!

  8. Why are you trying to compare Hanson to Bieber? This is a comparison that can never be made. Hanson has been around for seventeen years and counting, and their talent exceeds so much more than any of the contemporary artists around. People really need to stop only seeing Hanson as a 90s one hit wonder band, because if you did the least bit of research, you would find that they have come a long way since 1997.

    Michael Jackson wrote a song for Hanson…doesn’t that tell you something? Obviously Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are great musicians if the King of Pop was going to give them a song.

  9. OMG OMG Hanson so had to record this I lobe Michael Jackson and he saw talent in those three boys and it is really to bad he never sent it to them because they would have made it so beautiful. Taylor could sing the hell out this song

  10. Saved from the “hansons”??? Lady, you don’t realize just how talented Hanson really is, and proud they would have made MJ if they HAD recorded it.

  11. um ‘sort of three Biebers, if you will.’ excuse me?? as if Michael Jackson would ever even dream of writing a song for someone as talentless as Justin Bieber. As flattering as this for Hanson, that first line is a disgrace. People need to stop comparing Hanson to disney channel stars and all that because they’re so much more.

  12. Cherubim…those “Hansons” are very talented men now. I understand you being a dedicated Michael Jackson fan but he obviously thought they had talent enough to cover and do justice to something he wrote. I wouldn’t downgrade them like that so much. You have no idea what Hanson could do with this song. Beautiful song…i really hope Hanson gets a chance to record this in their own manner some time…make Michael very proud i’m sure.

  13. I love that MJ wrote a song for Hanson as I hold a special place for both of them in my heart. I’m sure everyone who loves Hanson is totally excited by the news. YAY!!!

  14. to all of you who are saying that Hanson would not have done the song justice, OBVIOUSLY you haven’t heard anything they’ve done recently so I’ll overlook you. But wow, LOVE that he did this…I am a huge Hanson fan and always loved MJ..so this thrills me.

  15. @cherubim Hanson continues to make beautiful music to this day. You have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s fine to like MJ but there’s no reason to insult Hanson.

  16. MJ was not signed with Sony and didn’t want them to have these songs!!! They treated him badly and he did not want them to reap off him anymore!!! Wake-up people this is all about money, they didn’t care about him til the end, it was about money!!!

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  18. That’s awesome! Especially since Hanson has covered MJ quite a few times. I think they would have been incredibly flattered. He probably wrote it after they performed on his video for Hold My Hand.

  19. nous savons seulement Michael est parti mais il est reste grave dans nos memoire pour toujours, Michael fut le meilleur et nous l’aimerons toujours.

  20. (I Like)The Way You Love Me has been released first in 2004, on the Ultimate Collection album (music and videos). It sounded more like a demo tape and I thought it was a shame that no-one bothered to put some effort into it to make it a real song.
    I bought the new album yesterday and I must say – after all the comlaining I have heard before – I really like it! The songs have been done very well and although I know Michael would have never handed his music over to anyone else to complete it when he was I alive, I am very grateful to be able to listen to it.
    The booklet contains some hand-written notes from Michael. Very sweet. It’s such a shame he’s gone, but at least he achieved now what he was looking for the most: immortality.

  21. Thank God this Beautiful song, was saved from the “Hansons”.
    Only, Michael Jackson could make this song sound so Heavenly
    and radiate such love.

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