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First they came for Anthony Mason and removed him from co-hosting CBS This Morning.

Now the new heads of CBS News — Neeraj Khemlani and Wendy McMahon — are continuing to demolish the Tiffany network’s hierarchy.

Last week, Claire Atkinson reported that Khemlani and McMahon have fired CBS News communications-turned-political director Caitlin Conant, CBS News investigative chief Len Tepper, Washington, D.C.-based producer Katie Dominick, and director of professional development Katie Curcio, who ran the news division’s intern program.

(Unfortunately, all the initial outlets which reported this news put it behind pay walls, so no one could access the information. Only media undermines itself. Stupid.)

These aren’t the only people forced out of CBS News in the last few months. In July, Jay Shaylor was ousted as executive producer of Norah O’Donnell’s evening newscast.

All of these people are award winners and tops in the field. And even though O’Donnell’s show is in third place among the network news shows, as is the morning news, they are considered the most “serious” of the three networks still. But that description has been eroding quickly.

Over at the highly thought of “CBS Sunday Morning” and “60 Minutes,” there have been plenty of mistakes in the last year, strange outsidery or uninformed takes on subjects that never would have been allowed in previous news administrations.

Tepper’s ouster is more unusual than the others. For one thing, he was just promoted one year ago to chief of CBS News Investigations. Last week his group produced a series on military domestic violence, a two-year investigative project in which almost 40 survivors were interviewed. But that sounds so serious, maybe too serious for the new ratings hungry CBS News presidents.

Meanwhile, “CBS Mornings,” formerly “CBS This Morning,” is dreadful without Mason’s full time presence. Nate Burleson seems like a nice guy who wandered in from someplace else, reads his script, and nods his head.

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