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Hey, what’s another 20 million when you’ve already spent 200 million?

The word from Prague is that Netflix’s “The Gray Man,” is ballooning over its $200 million budget to at least $220 million.

The film, director by the Russo brothers, stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans spies in Central Europe. Gosling is former CIA who’s gone rogue, Evans must track him down. Chris’s old pal from “Knives Out,” the beautiful Ana de Armas, is the girl. Regé-Jean Page, the hot element from “Bridgerton,” is involved, as is Billy Bob Thornton. Luckily, Alfre Woodard is featured. I hope all that money is going to her!

“The Gray Man” is the most expensive movie ever funded by Netflix, and it’s not a success, subscription prices will increase quickly. There’s just no reason for a movie to cost this much. Ask Kevin Costner.

Call this a throwback project: there’s something comforting in the news that a big bloated movie can still be made. As Tevye once sang: “Tradition!”

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