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Vertical Entertainment may be remembered one day the as the film distributor of lost causes.

The very small company with peculiar taste is going to release “Billionaire Boys Club” on August 17th. The film stars Kevin Spacey, whose career imploded this winter after many accusations of sexual impropriety. Spacey went off to rehab for sex addiction and hasn’t been heard from since then. Will he walk a red carpet in August? Doubtful.

The NY Post’s legendary Richard Johnson has the release date in July, but Vertical has August on their website. The latter makes more sense since no one in the world will be paying attention.

One insider who worked on “BBC” says: “Sad. Everyone on the movie worked so hard on it gave their best. Sad outcome.”

Vertical has another movie of interest coming this Friday, “Gotti” starring John Travolta as mobster John Gotti. That film also has a storied history, but threw a pretty great party in Cannes last month with 50 Cent performing and John Gotti, Jr. on the premises. Since then Gotti Jr. has given the movie less than a rousing endorsement. But we’re all curious to see how the film turned out at this point.

“BBC” is directed by James Cox, and stars Ansel Elgort as the organizer of a Ponzi scheme in the 1980s– true story– who kidnapped and killed an “investor” in their club named Ron Levin (Spacey). There was a book and a TV movie years ago.


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