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Ed Sheeran’s Grammy Revenge: He Has the Top Three Singles on iTunes, and Number 7 as Well

Ed Sheeran was snubbed big time by the Grammy Awards, which gave him one nomination and omitted him from Album, Record, and Song of the Year.

So karma is a bitch. Right now, Sheeran has the top three singles on iTunes. He also has number 7. Success speaks volumes.

The number 1 single is Eminem’s “River” which is really Ed’s “River” with Em rapping all over it. But it’s his song.

Numbers 2, 3, and 7 are all “Perfect”: the original single, the Andrea Bocelli symphonic version, and then the duet with Beyonce.

Sheeran’s Grammy snub, like the one a couple of years ago for Justin Timberlake, will go down in the annals of bone headed moves. But Sheeran can just laugh it off.