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The weekend box office brought a winner in “Despicable Me 3.” The minions took in $75 million– less than predicted or hoped for, but not bad. The franchise lives on!

Will Ferrell’s “The House” clicked in $9 mil, probably less when the hard numbers come in tomorrow. It’s a write off for everyone. Enough said, at this point.

On the indie side, everything’s coming up roses. Sony has a hit with Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver.” They’ve already grossed $30 million in five days. Word of mouth is great. We thought Sony was waiting for “Spider Man” to save them, but Ansel Elgort did it first. When “Spider Man” opens on Friday, Sony will be sitting pretty.

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman is rocking in Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled.” A very strong opening weekend in limited release should bring bigger receipts in weeks to come.

“The Big Sick” is booming– on just 71 screens– wait til it expands.

Even Roadside Attractions is doing ok with “Beatriz at Dinner”– over $4 million. For them, this is revelation!

If you haven’t seen these films– “Baby Driver,” “Beguiled,” “Big Sick,” “Beatriz”– the B movies!– get out there. They’re a nice surprise for summer!

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