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Well, this party was over fast.

TMZ, always waiting at some airport, got producer Diplo to give up Justin Bieber, his management, fellow producer Skrillex and Beyonce. I don’t even think the TMZ people understand what Diplo did exactly. He admits in this interview that the conflict between Bieber et al and Casey Dienel (who performs under the odd name of White Hinterland) has been going on for a while. Diplo says, “I thought they [Bieber, Skrillex] sampled it, but I thought they cleared it” meaning Casey’s riffs for Bieber’s song “Sorry.” Her riffs are what make the song. Oy vey.

It’s worse. Diplo admits this goes on all the time, and tells a story about when they made a Beyonce record they had to give 25% of the publishing to Outkast because the horns were taken from the group’s record.

Diplo also says he blames Bieber’s team for the screw up with the White Hinterland song. Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, must be drinking Mylanta straight from the bottle after he watched Diplo’s interview.

Diplo also says he’s a fan of the original record.

This is the whole story of how music is made now. It’s frightening and depressing that no one in hip hop or pop is originally, every album and song are stuffed with samples, some of which are not licensed but just stolen. This is why there are few new song catalogs in music publishing. Diplo says there were “10 or more people” working on Bieber’s song! Can you imagine? Pathetic. Sickening. And Stupid. This is absolutely the worst generation ever of commercial music makers.

Tip of the hat to the TMZ guy who got Diplo on the record.

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