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Since tonight is the two part “Grey’s Anatomy” in which all the other characters will learn of Derek’s death, let’s review what happened last week. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) shed  not a tear over her dying husband. There was no kiss goodbye. She actually says: “You go. We’ll be alright.”
Let’s watch:

How much did Ellen Pompeo want Patrick Dempsey out of her hair? Let’ read her only statement, a Tweet that is just bloodless as it mentions Dempsey not once, or Derek. She started the Tweet with “Happy Monday!” Pompeo is telling you “Greys” fans something you’re not getting. She is HAPPY:

I think the funniest part of this debacle is how the tabs– People, US, ET– have played it as though Pompeo is “upset.” Are people really this stupid? I guess so. Anyway, the new spin is that ABC will save $10 million by getting rid of Dempsey, like his salary was somehow hurting the show or the network. Friends, Patrick Dempsey had a contract that had be to paid off. ABC saved nothing.
Tonight let’s see if Derek is remembered fondly or thrown into a hole or just cremated and spread around Katherine Heigl’s COBRA file.

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