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Halle Berry “Extant” Series Moves, And Loses About Half a Million Viewers

I am baffled: Halle Berry’s show “Extant” moved to Wednesday nights and did worse than it had on Sundays. Last night “Extant” got the same 1.1 in the key demo. But it dropped from 6.43 to 5.91 million total viewers. A half million people vanished in the move. (Maybe it’s like when my parents moved houses and misplaced boxes in storage. I told my mom, they’ll turn up!)

“Extant” just isn’t clicking. I’m a big Halle Berry fan. She’s a movie star. But not enough people are watching. And the ones who are watching are probably my age or older. This is ok for summer, but for the real TV season. Maybe Les Moonves should move “Extant” to Showtime. That’s what I would do, but no one asked me.

Meantime, “Sharknado 2” was a big hit, scoring 3.9 million viewers. The original “Sharknado” did a 1.4. And you say America doesn’t appreciate quality filmmaking!