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EXCLUSIVE While Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger “rotted in loneliness,” his father, Peter Rodger, was anything but unable to enjoy women.

Peter Rodger isn’t just the second assistant director on “The Hunger Games.” He is also a photographer. His specialty? Women’s backsides. Arses, as it were. (He’s British.)

Sexy? Oh yes.And strange considering Elliot’s frightening declaration to “slaughter” everyone like animals.

Peter Rodger is the son of George Rodger, the famed British war photographer who helped start the Magnum photo agency. George Rodger was legendary for photos he took in World War II including some at the final days of concentration camps like Bergen Belsen. He was a serious photo journalist and died in 1995.

peter rodgerSon Peter has another focus altogether. He sells his black and white art photos of women’s bums for $1,250 on the Saatchi Art website. These derrieres are seen at the Taj Mahal, near the Eiffel Tower, in a seedy New York hotel room, and so on. They are all artfully done.

It does seem a tad peculiar that while dad was busy shooting rear ends, the son was having severe emotional problems concerning women, sex, and intimacy. In his terrifying YouTube video, Elliot talks about being unloved, being a 22 year old virgin, hating women and sexually active men. He promises to kill all of them.

Tragically, he carried through on his promise. On Friday night in Santa Barbara, California, Elliott killed seven people including himself, and wounded seven others according to reports.



update Sept 3 2019: Even though this story was up for FIVE years, Google censored the dad’s pictures and the son’s video today. You’ll have to do your own sleuthing and find them elsewhere.

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  1. This woman in this picture happens to be the one whom he cheated with and ended his marriage over – his current wife and stepmother of Elliot – who hated Elliot’s guts.

  2. > It does seem a tad peculiar that while dad was busy shooting
    > rear ends, the son was having severe emotional problems
    > concerning women, sex, and intimacy.

    No it doesn’t. It’s actually quite typical; just ignored. Mainly because it’s too close to home for the “no boundries” crowd.

  3. I hate to say this but as someone who is in a similar position as he was, unloved, unwanted by the opposite sex, etc (and for many more years then him), I completely understand where he is coming from. I don’t blame him for going off like he did.

  4. It appears to me, that his Dad was way too busy for his son, and allowed the boy to learn values from video games. BMW’s ( while nice and all) are poor substitutes for a real flesh and blood father, to help guide him in life. If you fail to teach your children, you can bet they’re gonna learn one way or another.

  5. The piano shot. He should pull down the top part of the image. Too much wall. I thought I would give him some constructive criticism on the art because he was a total failure when it came to parenthood and marriage.

  6. In all fairness they did have the kid in therapy. They did call the police to check on him because he posted threatening video’s. The kid is an adult so there is not a lot a parent can do. Sounds like the kid always had problems.

  7. No wonder the kid went nuts. His dad bought his BMW by pedalling pictures of naked butts. Of course, the media will suppress this info and blame a 40 ounce piece of metal while completely ignoring, for political gain, the murders of people by knife, and attempted murder of others by automobile. Liberals are scum. Just watch the scum suppress the knife murders in favor of standing on the graves of the gun murders. Make your own judgement when you see happen what I predicted.

  8. Me thinks Daddy Senior poked Son Junior in the “arse” multiple times introducing him to the WhorelyWood Sodom and Gormarrah life style. So daddy’s boy suffered from a “sexual identity crisis” and again…women are the objects of SODOMITE HATE!

  9. This kid should have been institutionalized. But the liberal Supreme Court has let all of these nuts out and society is paying dearly for this liberal experiment. The problem is not guns, it is mentals that should be taken off the streets

  10. I thought some how this young man’s upbringing was somehow involved with his behavior. When your parent has a business that promotes pornography and people call it art, the child must have grown up confused.

  11. Hollyweird. Not a single one of these uber-lib wackos should be allowed to vote, buy a gun, or hold a pointy object.

  12. Hmm, lets see your son is playing violent video games since he was a child and is lonely
    and suicidal and your dad while being an assistant director of the (violent movie) the hunger games and is an avid collector and picture taker of womens bums.
    Ok, I get the picture, and its not pretty.

  13. His father had a disordered way of looking at women (objectifying them for pleasure), of course the son is going to have a disordered view of women.

  14. Karma is a B!tch? His rich Hollywood father who made a disparaging film about god, has FB photos albums packed with revealing nude pictures of young women, raised this narcissist monster that was fueled with prescription meds for all of the alphabet attention disorders, addicted to video games ……

    …… and like most Libs wants to blame everyone else for his problem SON!

    Karma is a B!tch.

  15. I think dad is a narcissistic sex addict. Son is an empty shell of a human being with no moral compass. Life can be meaningless and cruel when led astray. Take care of your families.

  16. So sad… society needs fill the gap between oversexualised culture and lonely little boys, the romanticising of love and a real relationship. On one hand girls of his age just wanted to be the alpha slut, the sexy women empowered by her attractivity standing on top of female food chain, one the other hand a slut is a lower grade female, and of course she wants to be respected for being an individual, not just a pair of boobs.
    So how to approach a woman right?

    People dressed and behave like whores, maybe he could not stand that wo/man is still an animal,
    longing for flesh. And sadly he doesn´t get a piece of this cake…

    I´ve been alone too for a long time. Untouched. Unwanted. Unseen. But it was all in my head. When I finally started to open up things changed. Now unfulfilled love turned to hatred and a kiss became the kiss of death.
    In the end, this rather supreme gentlemen, was so out of love he took his own life; even though the first rule of love is: Love thyself.

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