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Love the new Academy logo. Here’s a note posted by our old pal, Christina Kounelias. Nice work:

“Two years ago we began a thoughtful internal dialogue regarding the visual identity of the Academy, and found a need for a new design system that reflects the creativity of our organization.

oscar logoWe set out to build something that accurately reflects our community of artists, their diverse talents, and the creative process they employ to bring disparate ideas together into a single vision.

With the help of agency 180LA, we developed a visual identity that’s as inspired by the Academy’s heritage as it is by our future, including the much-anticipated opening of our Academy Museum in 2017.
The highlight is our new Academy logo, which can be seen at the top of this page.

The new logo spotlights the Oscar from above – creating a triangular shape and uniting the “A” of the Academy with our iconic statuette. This design gives the Academy a presence in its own logo for the first time and underscores our efforts to support creative arts and sciences year-round.”

Please click around below to explore some of our inspirations.

Christina Kounelias
Chief Marketing Officer, The Academy


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